Why is my Y-Factor so responsive?

I’m having trouble breaking in my bearing with my Y-Factor. I’ve had it for about two weeks and I play with it every day, but when I grind half the time the string just catches up with the bearing and it returns to me. Also, a good solid tug will make it return. Needless to say that’s very frustrating, it tightens the wrap on my throw-hand finger and constricts my finger, it messes the alignment on the wrap on my throw-hand finger, and when it comes back 100 MPH and rams into my bone…I want to slam it against the wall…but I know better than that. Anyone have any solutions? Maybe I just need to be more patient and keep playing with it?

Have you tried lubing it?

10-balls take a long time to break in. I had one take two months on my first M1.

No, wouldn’t that just make it more responsive though?

This might be why also.

And using thin lube is supposed to make your yoyo unresponsive doesn’t it?

It will be more responsive than running it dry but less responsive than thick lube.

10-balls now actually come fairly dry and play quite unresponsive normally. The 2-month break-in period that Paolo talks of seems to be far shorter (from what I have seen), or the bearing at least isn’t so snappy at first. I am not sure as to whether 10-balls used to come caked with lube or not. (Paolo or someone else can clear this up for me)

However, 10-balls do come with some lube. Not a lot so that unresponsiveness is gone, but enough to feel it on grinds etc. It’s normal, not your fault.

To fix it, you can play it or just clean it. Hope it gets to playing ok soon.

Swap bearings.
If that is not an option, then soak the bearing in water with a drop of dishsoap to clean the gunk out.

you should clean the bearing and if it still doesnt work then buy a new bearing thats pretty much all you can do

I wouldn’t lube it, it would make it worse. Since the Y-Factor has a 10-Ball bearing, it will probably take twice as long, which would be a month. This is normal for a Y-Factor, and nothing to worry about. Just continue to play with it, and it will soon be completely unresponsive, which means that the bearing is fully broken in. :wink:

most sites lube it for some reason but if u buy form 1drops site they come dry and unresponcive because my dingo and m1 took 1 throw to break in when i got it from there

It is impossible to fully break in a bearing on one throw. Anyways, if you bought it from Yoyoexpert, the bearing is dry and stock. As I said earlier, just continue to break it in, this process is normal. :wink:

i did

Even though a bearing is still breaking in, it can be responsive. It also has a little vibe when you are breaking it in. Just wanted to clear that up, correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:

This happened to me also. I wanted to throw it against the wall too. Haha. I desheiled it and soaked my bearing in mineral spirits for 12 hours threw it for a while and it was still responsive. So I soaked it for another 12 hours threw it then put a little thin lube on it and now it’s unresponsive and works great.

With all due respect, that isn’t a good idea. Water leads to corrosion and soap leads to residue. Soap and water may be good for the dishes, but not for your bearings.

10-balls are stainless steel and wont corroed david from onedrop even said it water doent hurt stainless steel but i wouldnt use dish soap though that will leave gunk in it

[quote=Wikipedia]Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel, but it is not stain-proof.
I rest my case.


I clean my 10 balls with water and a drop of Dawn. I always have. Never had a 10ball rust or seize up on me. The quality if the Stainless Steel Bearings that OneDrop uses is supurb.

We had a batch of bearings that went out with a little lube in them. All you have to do is clean it and it will then be unresponsive.