Why is my Y-Factor so responsive?

It’s not necessary to clean the bearing. Some bearings just take longer to break in than others.

When you’re grinding, keep the string tight, or the loose string will wrap around the bearing and make it bind. When you give a tug and It comes back, I suggest putting on a new string, but it could be the bearing. I hope this helps

i love grinding with responsive yoyos.

but anyways, dryoyo, i am petty sure mrcnja is right, but you may have been lucky. remember, doing 100 on a highway only increases the chances of an accident, but it doesn’t mean you will crash.

i would say if it is really responsive, use thin lube. if they lubed it with thick lube, thin lube will help.

if that doesn’t work, clean it.

I also agree with mrcnja. I would take my chances. I would just use the usual lighter fluid that I love cleaning bearings with.

If you add lube, any kind of lube, then it will gunk up the bearing more resulting in a more responsive bearing.
And the OneDrop 10 balls are high quality stainless steel. The are like your silverware. The won’t rust. Rinse in water with a drop of degreaser like Dawn, spin dry, let it Sit, and done.

DrYoyo, I have bought more than one expensive yoyo based ENTIRELY on your review of them. Consider yourself highly respected, but I disagree enough here that I had to emerge from longtime lurking to say something:

Stainless steel is not magic. Rust? Not usually. Water spots? ABSOLUTELY. The vast majority of us can go to the kitchen drawer and verify this without picking anything up. Water, unless distilled, leaves deposits when it dries. Add soap, and even distilled water will. There is just no wiggle room here. If it has worked for you, it might have worked even better.


With respect, all steel oxidizes period. While minimal in “stainless”, it still rusts. Bringing something which hastens the corrosion isn’t a great idea. Now if you wash stainless in soap and water and then dry it with say a hair dryer, you may not ever notice any ill effects. If on the other hand ANY water remains, there will be pitting.

Considering what were talking about here. It may not make a noticeable difference if there is minimal pitting on these bearings. After awhile I’m sure the races are damaged from all the throwing anyway.

Alright, You guys can say what you want, but in my experience, once you dry them off after a rinse in water with a drop of dawn, then spin dry them until there is no more water, they play unresponsive exactly the way I want them to with no problems whatsoever.
I should note, I only do this with OneDrop 10 balls and GeneralYo AIRG bearings.

and I am not the only one guys. I know atleast a dozen other players that do this. I am not saying go run your bearings under the tap water and soak them overnight. A small glass bowl, bottled water, a tiny drop of dawn, swish it around, drop in the bearing, move the bearing around with a chopstick, rinse with bottled water again, spin dry with compressed air, and pat it down with a napkin. Repeat Air and Patting until dry.

That being said, people mess with their bearings to often. you don’t need to open your yo-yo and clean everything every day, week, or even month. I guess it may depend on your climate and how dirty your environment is, but the majority of my yo-yo bearings get cleaned once, and thats it.

On anything not OneDrop 10 ball or General Yo AIRG, I use a small bowl of acetone and a chopstick. Spin dry, leave it out overnight, and then play dry in the morning. I just hate the smell of acetone.

Well we all have different ways of cleaning our bearings. Just the way you clean it was unusual to some of us.