Unresponsive M1

I recentally recieved an M1 by one drop yoyo’s. When I started to play with it I noticed that it was in fact responsive, which I don’t like. I took out one of the pads but it still has a bit of responsiveness. Any sugestions on making it unresponsive with different pads?

the thing is, the 10 ball bearings from one drop need to be broken in, or cleaned, all one drops come this way, just clean it in mineral spirits and you will be good to go. The 10 ball is a great bearing once broken in, it is my favorite.

well what response did you get?

Break it in. Keep playing for a couple minutes.

my friend has one it’s responsive I was surprised as he was. He hasn’t broken it in yet, though he’s had it for a few weeks? :-\

How much play time? Also, what response?

If it’s the stock M1 pads, it shouldn’t be too responsive. I would just break it in or if you want it the easy way, use lube.

I wouldn’t mess with th bearing and cleaning ect. Just play with it for a day (Well maybe more but for my 6 hours of throwing a day), Show it some love and It’ll love you back.


10 balls take a really long time to break in,mine took nearly a month!

This is actaully different with 10-balls

Unlike most bearings, 10balls can take up to 3 weeks. Really though, it will be very worth it.

should I clean it with mineral spirits?

If you want. I suggest breaking it in though. It would spin much better

You took the word from me Samad Again… lol.