responsive m1 MAD!!

hi guys.
me is mad.
m1 responsive=mad yoyo person

any tips? because i cleaned the bearing TWICE, and it still didn’t go!

My M1 was a little responsive when it came in. I suggest just playing it a lot and letting the pads wear out a pit. ;D


The 10 Ball Bearing takes a long time to break in, and you obviously didn’t want to wait that time. I always clean them too. After you clean them, though, they will still be a bit responsive for up to about an hour of throwing. So just keep throwing it, and if it doesn’t get unresponsive after a few days, and it’s really bothering you, I believe you can switch out the bearings with a different yo-yo.

OMG. There is like 6 other threads of this . judt break it in. play with it for a week. clean the bearing after a week. and it should be fine

you should of got the flow groove response M1 when you had the chance.

anyways, just play with, it will become less responsive, all new yoyos are like that…

~gorrilla_yo ;D

since appearantly you haven’t seen the other Jillion threads about this issue, Plain and simple answer, play with it and it will break in, what helped me alot was binding alot, like without any trick, Throw bind, throw bind throw bind throw bind… about 100 times and it takes the responsiveness out a little.