making a responsive M1 unresponsive w/o a new bearing

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #1

As the title suggests I want to make my M1 unresponsive w/o a new bearing. I was thinking a new pad response, but if you have something else for a low cost I’m listining


Just break it in, play with it.


You have to break in the bearing. Really, there is no other way.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #4

I all ready removed one of the silicone pads but thanks a ton guys


all you have to do is buy thin pads for the M1. they make the yoyo pretty unresponsive.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #6

from the store there is the silicone thick and thin and the GEN pad smooth and textured. Which one would be the best (I’m gonna outfit it with a konkave bearing eventually and I still want to only have to bind and not wrap it once)

(JonasK) #7

They ship with thick pads. If you have a broken in bearing (which you should have), you should get the thick ones. You can get the thin ones but they will offer less response when you have a broken in bearing.

Addment: You do not need to use a KK bearing in it. The 10ball which comes stock with the M1 is great when it is broken in. You can clean it in some water and handsoap to make the break-in time shorter.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #8

wouldn’t the kk make it way better?


From my personal preference - No. Broken in 10Balls play much better then KK’s IMO


(Jei Cheetah) #11

I cleaned my bearing in lighter fluid for 10 seconds and then dried it, put a drop of thin lube. And that was magic, wonderful tight binds, but nice unresponsive play.