I need your help!

Yes, I have read all of the “omg, my dm2 is responsive all of ze suddenz!”

I am a reasonably knowledgeable yoyo-er but this is my problem.

Lately, my OD 54 (One Drop 54) has been very responsive. So I did what everyone does, took out the bearing, cleaned it (I used turpentine), lubed it, and started to use it. Still after all of this (and a good hour of play to break it in) the 54 was still very responsive.

So after that, I took out the silicone (which were wearing down very thin) and re-did the silicone. (The basic flowable silicone.

After that I cleaned the bearing seat and gave the yoyo a whirl. Still, it was very responsive.

I’ve been throwing the 54 to break the silicone in for about a week, and it is still very responsive.

So, what should I do?

(Superfluous fact: The bearing sleep time is about two seconds, lubed. When un-lubed, the 10 ball bearing almost immediately locks up.)

That’s not superfluous at all… Throw in a new bearing. Sounds like that one is dead.

Any good place to find a reliable 10 ball less than $8?

Who needs a ten ball? Get an aigr.

Go find the yoyo called champion. They have a 10 ball concave in them for 9$ free shipping… Pm me for site if ya want. Although I do reccomend any flat bearing from this site.

What exactly is turpentine? People normally use Mineral Spirits, paint thinner or such.

You do know that the number of balls in a bearing (within reason) has very little overall effect on its performance? The bearings One Drop uses are not great bearings because they have ten balls. They are great bearings because they are made in a way that begets quality.

Just get a regular bearing. As long as it works, you’ll be fine.

This. Get a terrapin if you want a good bearing.

Not under 10 dollars.