New T1


I got a T1 yesterday and I have some questions about it. First, the Onedrop 10-ball bearing has been making a strange sound and it loses speed very quickly. When I took the bearing out and tried spinning it, it felt bumpy and didn’t spin smoothly. I was wondering if there is something wrong with it? Last, is the yoyo supposed to be semi-responsive? When I tug on the string it will come back up to my hand. I am somewhat new to getting new yoyos since I have been playing with my CZM8 forever. Thanks if you can answer my questions!


The One Drop 10-ball is absolutely notorious (so much so that it should almost come with a piece of literature in every box!) for having a “rough stage” at the beginning.

Typically you play for a few hours or less, and whatever it is about that bearing that causes it to go rough kicks in. No idea what it is. But you get screeching and grinding and general responsiveness, exactly as you’ve described.

There are sort of 2 schools of thought on this. I’m in the second one:

  1. Play through it, maybe after dropping a teeny bit of lube in. People claim they just need some persistence and the bearing “breaks in” and is wonderful thereafter.

  2. Deshield, clean, and lube it. I feel that if a bearing has started making noise, it’s because there’s debris. Maybe playing through will settle it or clear it or something, but I PERSONALLY would rather clean it out.

Regardless of this step, I really enjoy the One Drop 10-ball. Once you’ve cleaned a bearing or two, you realize it’s no big deal.


Yeah cleaning it is a good option if you don’t wanna play through it and it will fix the response problems. The reason why it seems responsive is that the bearing isn’t spinning freely. Every time you feel that happen, consider cleaning out your bearing once or twice


I agree with what these tao guys said as well. Also, most of the time, its just easier to clean the bearing then trying to play thru it and break it in. Most bearings come slightly pre-lubed and need some amount of break in time. But just do like GregP’s 2nd choice and that will solve all your problems. Just do a search on how to clean a bearing and you’ll be good to go. Oh, and just some advice, o CE you deshield the bearing, just leave it deshielded from there on out. That will go ahead and save you the hassle and stress of trying to get the shields off every time a cleaning is in need.

Keep us updated on if that solves the problem.