Runing a One Drop 10 ball bearing dry?

Title says it all

Not really.

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Its noisier but still gets the job done. Should play very very unresponsive (depending on your yoyo and response used) May shorten the life, but who cares, it’ll last a long time as long as you keep it clean.

It’ll lock up sometimes if you keep it dry. It’ll get loud and become responsive. If you just keep throwing it for an hour or so, it’ll get better. Playing a ten ball dry is good. But its not quiet.

I recommend lightly lubing any bearing except Terrapin X bearings. Very lightly!

That’s the only i have ever played mine, and i’ve never had one die on me yet. I still have the original one that i got with my first One drop well over six months ago, and it plays fine. Though of course it’s been cleaned a few times.

Thanks for the replies, if i want to lube i put a drop of thin lube on a needle right? Also how many drops?

One drop on the end of the needle.

no. no.


If the bearing is shielded, a drop is perfect. If the bearing is NOT shielded, I dip a needle or pin into the lube, then touch that to at least 1 or 2 balls in the bearing before getting more lube.

Less is truly more.

I’ve never run into this before, but a friend of mine has a 10ball bearing in a code1 that has basically completely seized up. It only spins for a couple seconds and either responds or dies. I’m going to lube it tonight and inspect it, but I found it to be very odd. He’s only used it for about 2 months and never lubed it before.

I’d clean it very well in lighter fluid first and try that out before lubing it. If it runs good after cleaning then very very carefully do what they daid above and apply very very very little lube to it.