OD Cascade Bearing Noise

OK, so I bought a One Drop Cascade and just received it on Monday and since then its barely left my hand save for work and sleep, well just moments ago I threw a breakaway and it started making an alarmingly loud noise, id thought the problem to be caused by the yo yo unscrewing a little causing the bearing to rattle but that was not the case so i took the bearing out and spun it and the noise is definitely coming from the bearing.

Being that it’s a One Drop 10-ball bearing which seem to be known for their quietness along with the fact that it was almost dead silent until I threw that breakaway, i have to assume that something has gone wrong with the bearing.

Now then, does anyone have any idea what could have happened to cause the noise and do you think applying a drop or two of thin lube will help?

almost every od 10 ball ive played started silent, got loud and more responsive, so i clean them, then they are still noisier than they were but perform well again. ive heard of a lot of people expierencing the same thing.

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Aaaah ok thanks, ill give it a clean (should have thought of that before posting lol)


This happens with EVERY 10 ball I have ever had which is over 50 of them. This is normal. When this happens apply a small drop of V4M (Obne Drop lube) and keep playing. It will take a few mins for the lube to get into the bearings and all but once it does the bearing will quiet down and play smooth and unresponsive. I have done this with every single 10 ball I have evr had and it always works… I have also never killed a 10 ball right now my oldest one is 2 years old in my Y Factor and still run excellent.

the bearing is just breaking in, no need to clean it. Just play through it.

Its breaking in. Keep playing it. All my One Drops are virtually silent. If you need instant gratification, use 1 drop of VM4 on the bearing and you’re set for a very long time.

I don’t know why they do this, but I agree in my experience with everyone else regarding the 10 Ball bearings except for the one in my Code 2 that i put disc side effects in. All the rest of mine were near silent, then screaming, then eventually went dead silent again.