How do I keep my Onedrop 10 ball quiet?

I’ve noticed that 10 balls don’t keep their quietness and get noisier with time. I just got a really quiet 10 ball and was wondering how I keep it that way! I know the obvious answer is lube but I’ve noticed lube make my bearings louder at times ???

Also for my already noisy 10 balls how do I make them silent like my other one?

Thanks for the help!

With extended play, 10 balls tend top quiet down

All bearings become noisey over time. It’s due to dirt and grime in the bearing. You need to deshield clean your bearing. There are many threads on here that are dedicated to cleaning bearings.

I use acetone, soak the deshielded bearing for several minutes, pull it out, let it dry, shoot some air into it (not required, just a personal preference of mine), and then I use thin lube in it.

That’s usually keeps my bearings nearly silent.

OneDrop 10-ball bearings are some of the smoothest and most quiet bearings out there.

Goodluck, it should work.

Drop of lube

They are breaking in. Clean them now and a touch of VM4 and they should stay quiet.

Do this to my quiet one or my noisy ones?

Do it to the noisy ones. And to the quite ones when they start to become noisy.