OneDrop 10 ball bearing??


i’ve heard that these bearings are much quieter than my YYJ DM bearing?? is this true? and do they spin as well as other bearings?? and how long do they last in comparisson to other bearings?? i need a quieter bearing


it all depends on what u like. i have a ten ball and i like it. they do tend to be quieter, and in my experience last longer. however, it does get really loud if u dont lube it. i can make any bearing just as quiet with a little lube.


i have a markmont next and the 10 ball in it is pretty darn near silent, it does get louder if you don’t lube it and its one of the best spinning bearings i use. I also hear terrapin x bearings are quiet too


If you’re planning on buying one, buy two.

I’ve owned like 7 10-Balls and currently own 4, they are still my favorite bearing. I’ve never had one get shot, and I’ve been using a dry one on my ProtoStar for about 8 months now. So they last prety long. They are quiet, but if you don’t lube them, they can get pretty loud. Its still quieter than most other bearing when dry.


That’s been my experience as well. I like 10 ball bearings, but most bearings can be made pretty quiet with some thin lube … at least in my experience.

(yoyo jake) #6

I got one in my protostar and I haven’t lubed it since last christmas and it’s as quiet as I got it.