Most quiet bearing?

What bearing do you guys know of that is the most quiet (quietest?)? I’ve heard good things about a 10-ball from One Drop but figured I’d ask your guy’s opinion.

Also a question for Punchline owners. Do your Punchline’s bearings not lock into place? I have a Dv888 and a DM and the bearing definitely locks into one of the sides. My Punchline does not see to want to lock in. Will this affect play at all?

Thanks guys.

I have punchline and the bearing does not lock in its place. I like it that way though… it doesnt alter the play and it is easy to remove the bearing. I recommend one drop 10ball bearing and general-yo bearing. If you want them to sound quiet just use yyj thin lube

Which of those two play better? I haven’t heard anything about the General Yo one.

All bearings play about the same, and quiet shouldn’t be your first concern when buying bearings.


aren’t the H-Spin plastic/metal bearings super quiet?

I haven’t played with an hspin plastic/metal bearing, but I have played with a lot of other bearings. In my experience, One Drop’s 10-Ball Bearings are the quietest when lubed well. YYF SPEC bearings are LOUD as are Center Trac bearings. CLYW bearings seem to get louder when you lube them (and then quiet down a little after a while).

Additionally, there are many yo-yos made that do not allow for the bearing to snap into place. I have a lot of yo-yos that are dead smooth that have loose bearing seats. So a loose bearing seat shouldn’t be that much of a concern.

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I kinda like the sound of a loud bearing, its calming.

Bird in Hand sells the 10-ball bearing they are using in their yo-yos at a great price. I replaced the bearings in all my main players, including a one-drop, and they are really quiet now. People comment about how quiet my yo-yos are all the time. At 5 or 6 bucks you can’t go wrong!

Hspin uses plastic/metal bearings?? O_O

They’ve been using them for a few months… I have yet to try one. But I’m not big on D size bearings anyway. The last one I liked was the G&E2. Lol.

They do, those bearings are awesome, pretty quiet too.

10balls are pretty silent too.

I hear sound very hard from my 10ball lol IT’s s quiet…

I heard the Audley Viruses bearing is really silent.

airg genaral yo bearing are supper quit there size c

Aoda bearings >> <<

Guys, this thread is a mionth or two dead.

I really think that the One-Drop 10 Ball bearings make it silent. Well when you use a Y-Factor, that’s the case. So, that’s all I’ve got to help you.

A bearing is a bearing. If you know how to maintain it, it will be quiet. Or loud. However you want it to be. Point is, if you know basic maintenance, you’ll be fine with whatever bearings you have.

anything with yyj thin lube :slight_smile: