One Drop 10-ball bearing

So I thought my Konkave Ceramic was the best as it can get for smooth play and quietness. I gave my 10-ball a try and been playing with it for hours.

I have got to say the 10-ball is the flat version of a Konkave Ceramic which is concave. Not only that, but you can get your hands on a One Drop 10-ball for less than 8 bucks if I can remember, whilst the Konkave Ceramic is 30 bucks.

Wow does this play smooth and quiet after breaking it in. I will probably keep the 10-ball in my Gradient and will probably do the same for my Benchmark W and Code 1 once they arrive tomorrow. If I wanted concave play sometime again, I will probably swap it back to the Konkave Ceramic, and vice versa in wanting to play flat.

One Drop is easily becoming one of my favorite companies as they have a side effect which I solely like for in case you strip your threading or axle (Which probably won’t happen as I heard they use 7075 aluminum). Now I have another reason to like them, 8 dollar high performance bearings.

Noice, yeah they’re a great company.

are you quoting yourself in your signature?

Yes sir!

Hey friends!!! Quick question. I have a 10 ball that sounds like there’s something in it, like a metal filing or a grain of dirt. I’m trying to de shield and clean it, but I’m having an EXTREMELY hard time getting the C clamp out. Has anyone else had this issue, or knows any tricks to take care of this? I’ve taken the shields off bearings before, ive never had this hard of a time, though

I am literally having the same exact problem rn. I haven’t tried that much to get the c clips out yet though. Just a couple minutes. But I am having a hard time getting them out.

As long as it’s not just me! I even searched the forum first, to avoid the inevitable, “ughh, we hear this question every month!” Lol

Ok never mind. I was just using to big of a needle. I switched to a sharper fishing hook and literally had both of them out in prob 30 seconds :joy:. So maybe you should try other needles or a sharp fishing hook. Hope this helps :+1::grin:

Unless you’re hung up on shields, just pry them out and throw them away. They’re not essential.

Err… Pardon?

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My 10-ball experience is the opposite. While the 10-ball may be smooth out of the box, they soon become loud and crunchy within a few weeks of normal play. No amount of cleaning has ever fixed this for me. Trying to “break it in” more, just makes it more noisy and crunchy.

How many of these have you had that happen to?

So I guess the KonKave Ceramic is the Konkave version of the flat 10 ball which is flat?

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Precisely? :thinking::flushed:

I’ve had this exact problem with every one drop bearing I’ve ever had. Tried every method of cleaning in the book and none have helped.

The od 10 ball i had was heavenly smooth and suddenly started sounding like death will significantly reduced spin time. I know it wasnt debris or anything, i hadnt even unscrewed the yoyo yet lmao. Is this common? I dont really mind because the spin time now isnt that bad.

It’s common.

Play through it, and it will improve.

It’s still possible to get debris in the bearing. You might consider cleaning it.

Just ignore it and keep playing. Unless its gritty, OD10balls are notorious for going ghostly smooth to scremaing like a banshee for no reason. Keep pushing past it and itll settle down some but will never be as it was before. Clean and thin lube if you are really bothered by it, but I just prefer to replace them with other braded/shaped bearings. OD10balls are good if you like flat bearings. Im not a fan, and the banshee awakening at random times is off putting perosnally.


This is exactly what everyone parrots when the the same observation is made on any forum. Do you have actual experience with this? Have you “played through” this and actually ended up with a better bearing?

I have tried this many times. It does not improve for me. It is time to put this myth to bed so that people can replace these rather than suffer with the compromised performance. A new, good bearing is like $7. A fabulous, never need to replace one; is $20.