quitetest bearing


im a intermediate player and my mom complains my yoyo is annoying so is there a quite bearing i can get that is unresponsive


The yyf gold center track is very quiet. You can get them from yoyoexpert.


One drop 10 ball


thank you i was thinking of getting the gold one but in comparison to a regular 8 ball steel ball how quite…like 1/2 as much noice or like 2x quieter if your able to tell me


The center track that came in the new Pivot is silent, and have had a few others come that way. Also have some that sound like a baseball card in a bike spoke. I have one gold center track and it is definitely quieter than the noisy center tracks, but falls way short compared to the others. As for consistently quiet have to say the OD 10 ball is about as nice as it gets, but no centering if that is an issue.


yes i feel that the no centering is a issue i could just spend a few extra bucks on the gold one

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I have a nsk gold concave in my firrox and it is definitely allot quieter. When lubed correctly (yes I lube these) its barely a whisper. They are sold out of the nsk brand but i’ve read the yyf gold center track is just as quiet. Some one could confirm?


in your opinion is it worth the buy and also how do u lube them i heard your not supposed to


I mean I think so. It can last a long time and would pay for its self in the long run. I love how quiet mine is. I use a safety pin and put a half a drop of lube on the pin and touch it to the ball bearings. They come desheilded. Just whenever it starts getting louder.


To quiet your bearing apply a very small amount of lube. That will make it quieter. You can lube ANY bearing.

So how do you lube a bearing? Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos


I get this problem all the time, I find the yo-yo I’m using makes a big difference. My yoyojam vexed is very loud, and my yoyofactory protostar is fairly quiet. For a quiet bearing, clean your bearing with lighter fluid if you have been using it for a while, then add 1/2 drop of yo-yo lube to each side.
A koncave bearing is very smooth and quiet, if you want a performance improvement over a centertrak.


Get the pixel bearing

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Ive tried nearly all of them, and I agree. Pixel is king.


Od ten balls are great bearings in general and very quiet as well. I’ve tried pixels but for some reason I just don’t like em but they are quiet. I’m going to try to clean mine and give it a second chance because they are supposed to be awesome and I think I just got a bad one that need to be cleaned


Ok I just cleaned it and it’s way better! Really smooth and really quiet. It might be a little over hyped imo because it’s not like worlds better than my center tracs or ten balls but it is a really good :bear:ing.


Was thinking the same thing, I’d just get some thin lube. Most likely the bearing is breaking in, or has a little dust/dirt in it. Adding a small amount of thin lube should quiet it back down.


Pixel bearing is by far the quietest bearing i’ve had. The one drop 10 Ball is good but pixel is simply a lot quieter and it have centering tecnology

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I’ve heard good thing about the pixel bearings. Hopefully yye will restock on them soon so I can try them out


Ask and you shall receive! ;D