What is the quietest/best preforming bearing? The one I have at the moment sounds louder than a table saw and only goes for about 25 seconds at most. MOST.

clyw pixel bearing seems to do it for me. quiet, smooth, and long spinning.

The Pixel bearing is the best bearing I’ve ever used.

I like them better than NSK platinum DS bearings.

Yep…put a pixel bearing in your hamburger yoyo and it should smooth it out for those long combo’s

Pixels have been hit and miss for me lately. I’ve been having good luck and awesome performance from trifecta bearings from twisted strings.

Recently got Trifecta and I agree, its pretty good. Ive never been big on grooved bearings but it plays nice. I’ll also play parrot and say “Pixel!”

I have to say yyr DS are my favorite

The bearing in my MYY V3 is dead silent.

Pixel for me as well. Become an auto include when I order new throws now

Like g2 bearings

If Pixels have been hit and miss for you, you are likely not trating them properly. Give them a good long break in.

The magicyoyo bearing that they use in the m002 is actually pretty quiet, my loudest is probably the YYF flight bearing (when shell loose) or YYT oracle

Nothing beats the OD 10 ball when it gets as quiet as it can get. It’s hard to maintain that silence though.

Yeah what’s up with that!!! One second my bearing is so quiet that I can hear my own heartbeat and then it becomes a shrieking banshee… and then quiets down again… its a fickle thing. Still love it though…smoothest ever

OD very quiet (but not a center trac). Pixel is also pretty quiet ( and is center trac). Both perform great.

Thank you for this. I needed a laugh.

OD ten balls and pixels. Heard the bearing that comes with that new Magic Yoyo Katana is pretty epic.

Brand new, OD 10 balls and YYR/NSK platinum DS bearings are the quietest that I’ve tried. But even the quietest bearings break in and get dirty, so after a while, pretty much any of the well known premium bearings are about equal in terms of quietness, so long as you maintain them well. After break-in, I’d say OD 10 ball, NSK (any of them), Dif KK, Twisted Trifecta, Pixel, and the newer CT’s are all about the same.

But, in order to keep a bearing silent, you basically have to regularly clean it and keep it over-lubed, so I think it’s just best to embrace some noise, and just pick the bearing profile that you like best.

Personally, my recent favorites have been KK’s and the Pixel that I have. I really like the polished single curve profile that KK’s have, and although the Pixel wasn’t super quiet when I bought it, it has broken into an awesome bearing that’s super smooth.

OD 10 Ball.

I personally just over lubricate my bearings now. They still are unresponsive enough to do all the tricks i do yet responsive enough to allow for some easy binds. They also stay very quiet.