Let's talk bearing

So I bought myself a manatee recently, and I gotta say, I’m loving it. The thing is al
ong with the manatee, I also bought myself a pixel bearing, and when I compared my manatee’s play without the bearing and with, I was impressed. Then it got me thinking, “what’s the best bearing I could possibly buy?”

Well right now, my top three bearings are nsk, ceramic konkaves, and golden center trac bearings. Which one’s better performance wise? Which one’s more silent? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance!

Edit- Thanks yoyodoc, your advice is duly noted.

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Pretty much anyone that’s tried an NSK to my knowledge believes it’s the best bearing on the market right now.

Spending $30 on a bearing is unnecessary IMO. I don’t think I’d ever spend more than $10 on a bearing. So many yoyos are sold with concave or other premium bearings I just use what comes with the yoyos most of the time.

I like onedrop 10 balls. They take a bit to break in, but once they are broken in they are silent, smooth and long spinning. Imo, “premium” bearings arent worth spending 20-30$ on. In my experience, the more expensive bearings can be better, but i dont think they’re 2-3 times better. However, it is your money, so go ahead and try whatever looks interesting/good to you. :slight_smile:

Eh, I’m just doing it for my manatee anyway, so I could still buy those high-end bearings. If I were to buy bearings for a lot of yoyos though, I’d probably just go for onedrop 10 balls.

So, Gold Center Trac, NSK, or Ceramic Concave?

NSK>Gold Center Trac>Ceramic Concave

Pixel = NSK (platinum) = Terripin X Wing Cut (if you want the best of all worlds)

pick one, you got a winner.

golds are AMAZING. . . . at first, but then they will degrade over time. slowly but surely. thye lose luster and spintime.

Wait, so are you saying pixel bearings are just as good as NSK plat and Terrapin bearings?

(Oh, and hey! I was the guy from the undersized yoyos thread. I went with the Manatee in the end, and boy do I love it!)

My OD ten balls started smooth as silk, then went crunchy then a little better but never quieted down like at first. even after washing and lube.

Good choice on the Manatee. I just bought a second one. :slight_smile:

And yes, I think Pixel are just as good and NSK. Ive tried their steel, plats, and golds, and the plats just seem to be the best out of the bunch. Gold was boss at first but started to lose it luster (literally), and the Terripin Ceramic X wing are some of the best free spinning bearings ive ever seen.

I made a video showing how to use the dry lube, but check out that spin on the tool. It diesnt necessarily translate over to the yoyo, but i am very impressed with its performance. If you like flats but you also want centering, this is one of the only ones that do both. :slight_smile:

How I use Terrapin Dry Lube - Yoyo Bearing Performance Maintenance - YouTube check out near the end when its all done and ready to go. Simply excellent.

Hm, that’s odd. I don’t know how many you’ve had, but it’s possible you got bad ones. I think I’ve had around 8 of them and all but 1 have been quiet and smooth. The most recent one i got has been pretty loud for some reason :confused:

I also had a terrapin x wing cerramic. It was really bad at first (like grainy bad) but after using it for a few hours it became really smooth. I’ve only had one of them, so my experience may not be normal.

So do you think i should just stick with the pixel bearings?

If you already have Pixel, yea, id stick with it. Unless you found a fluke of a dud, they are simply excellent.

I 2nd Geezer that they’re quiet at first but get very loud later on. I’ve had 10+ of them. Once they start getting loud lube helps quiet it down a fair amount but it’s difficult to get them as quiet as they are new in my experience.

I’ve had a bunch of 10 balls. They’re smooth and quiet at first, then get really loud and crunchy. But after a drop of lube and some breaking in, they’re good to go. You just gotta play through it.