Is quiet and unresposive impossible?

The problem is not the bearing, the problem is that your not wearing ear plugs lol. Well, if earplugs don’t annoy you, you might want to give it a try.

Just out of couriosity, what’s the problem with a loud bearing?

I did it once, but it only stayed that way for like 10 minutes lol My Peak was so quiet I couldnt even hear it spinning, then I tugged and it wouldnt come up, so I was surprised that I still had to bind even when it was silent, usually thats a sign that its gonna bash my knuckles lol

Trumpet valve oil is not thick. Neither is sewing machine oil. Both make excellent thin lubes. You might be thinking of some kind of cork grease.

Regular Baby Oil is between Valve Oil and Sewing Machine Oil in viscosity.
Have you seen or handled any of them?

Everything else I read is crazy talk.

They should make a 10 ball/ceramic/platic cage bearing. That would be freeking amazing. To any one who does this: I thought of it first.

hahahaha huge headphones maybe??

heres some of my reasons:
1.yoyoing in class with a quiet yoyo will not bother the tacher and they may even let you do it more.
2. I just love a quiet yoyo.
it just feels like theres a beast in the yoyo thats waiting to scream and its better if ur watching tv also. Also sometimes you may not want to bother people.

Oh, so THAT’s why it has the consistency of water!

And for the people taling about the response, we know, we’re just putting it cut and dry… All in all, thing that matters: Thick lube= responsive, stays like that, lowers over time, relube it.
Thin lube: increases response at first, the settles down to near clean bearing response. mainly used to quiet the bearing, make it smoother, and to prolong the life many folds.
You can apply thin lube to a thick lubed yoyo and make it unresponsive, which I would recommend over cleaning it. Cleaning your bearing frequently is unneccesary and will kill your bearing if done too much.

You’ve got the NVX listed as one of your fav. throws… I’ve been using one of those for some time and its been the quietest yoyo ever. Just out of curiosity, are you having a problem with it?

I think it’s quiet, he just wants it mute (I would hate that, personally)

Well it seems there are many uses other than what I’ve been using it for myself. So I emailed Andre himself to see what the uses of YYJ thin lube really are. When I hear back from him I’ll post it here.

my mom would love it lol

I have tried trumpet valve oil. responsive as… metaphore…metaphore… responsive as… a bike? ehh

not many good similies and metaphors for that.

and i thought of it first