What Is The Dark Magic`s Sleep Time

How long can a Dark Magic sleep for? What is its sleep time?

Depends on how good your throw is. Samad would be able to get 5 mins or more out of it, i can only get about 2 minutes out of it.

if you have a good and strong throw it will sleep at least 4-5minutes but if your throw is not too good like me it will probally sleep only 1-3 minutes

Not necessarily. It also depends on your hand and preference of shapes and sizes. I can get my M1 to sleep for 4.5 minutes (because I like small yoyos). However, I can only get a DM to sleep for about two minutes.

The sleep time is decided by so many things.

  • The bearing. A dry ceramic KonKave bearing will spin a lot longer than a heavily lube YYJ stock bearing in every yoyo.
  • The throw. Stronger throw gives longer spin… Simple logics
  • Tilt/string rubbing against the response. You can actually untwist the string while timing the spin so the string moves away from the side of the bearing. (This gave me 2 mins on my SpeedMaker)
  • String. Sounds weird, but the string creates friction on the bearing, and friction on the bearing causes shorter sleep time. Thin slick (not 50/50, just string with low amount of friction) string will give less friction than a thick rough string.

Addment: I will try to measure my DM with a SPEC when I get it.


Mine sleeps for 6 hours a night, 8 on weekends.

Right out of the box I could get it to sleep over 3 minutes consistently.

Now I have konkave and thin lube, sooooo.

I can only get about 1.5-2 minutes… pouts

To be fair I am using “World Record” rules…so not binding it back up…just throwing and letting it go till it stops.