I have a question on the legacy and the dark magic yoyo?

i want to know how long does the legacy sleep for and how long does the dark magic sleep for.

Face palms I guess the right answer would be long enough. It really really depends on your throw, but they can sleep more than long enough for my longest trick. Twice.

Please try to not ask these questions. Once you get a good throw, almost any yoyo will sleep long enough for doing tricks.

i have a legacy i have broken in the bearing and it can sleep and easy 2-3 mins

So many questions about stuff like this sigh.
What JM said, it all depends on the throw.

thank so much ;D

What is your longest trick? My longest trick is a modified Brain Twister. 7-8 spins. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

It really does depend on the thrower. I’ve heard that the Legacy sleeps for about 2 min. while the Dark Magic sleeps for about 3 min.

Nope, my dm only sleeps for 2 mins :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, im just joking, it depends on your throw and how good your bearing is. My bearings are terrible.)

in fact spining time varies because of different facts :

       - the throw : strong enough and stable throw

       - the straight of the string after the precedent binding ! (if it comes back straight to your hand you will have more spin time , that's why a goodresponse system is important!)

       - smoothness : in fact if your trick isn't smooth there will be frictions and you will lose  spin time !

so most of the work is done by yourself so just work hard …

but personally i really prefer my darkmagic …; i added shims and silliconed it and it rocks ! fast play and smoothness!

legacy is great but just not as polyvalent as others!