my new hitman

well i got my hitman and a konkave it sleeped for at least 3 min. crazy isnt it how long can your yoyo sleep wait kind of yo?

I got my yoyo almost right out the box and it has about 50 seconds and I only added thin loob I’m waitind for my konkave bearing (and 100 poliester strings 8)) to come

I have the dark Magic

My DM can sleep for about 3 and a half minutes with the stock bearing.

After I cleaned it, it can spin for about 5 minutes, but I dont check my spin time anymore.
If it can get through all of your tricks, why does it matter?

WOW, I wish mine would sleep that long! The most my yoyos will sleep is about a minute and fifteen seconds. And thats with a good throw. Im not sure why my yoyos wont sleep that long :frowning: :(.

Dark magic sleeps about a minute
X-ConVict about a minute and 10 seconds
2009 888 Aqua sleeps about a minute and 45.
Axiom sleeps about a minute and 15.

yah i have dark magic to and it slept about 5 min to and my envy 64 sleeps alomst 8 min with no response and konkave