Dark Magic

The Yoyojam Dark Magic is definitely the best yoyo I’ve thrown. The polycarbonate plastic body is indestructible and the metal rims don’t ding easily. The record for sleep time on this is 57 secs.!!! I bought a Konkave bearing to put into this and it works fantastic. The adjustable gap is very, very effective. When I screwed the gap all the way in, all I would have to do is give it a light tug and it shoots right back to my hand! When the gap is at the loosest, I would triple, yah that’s right, TRIPLE bind the yoyo, and it still wouldn’t come back up. Talk about unresponsive!! I find that it is perfect right in the middle of the gap. Grinding is pretty good. YYJ put a grinding recess on the inside of the metal rims, when grinding though, my finger doesn’t stay snug on the inside of the rim. To solve this problem, I took a cap off one of the sides and started grinding on the inside rim (not meant to grind, but still works), and it works pretty well. Before I bought my dark magic, I planned on putting silicone in the recess where the o-ring would go, but when I got the yoyo, and I started playing with it, the rubber o-ring worked fantastic. The combination of the starburst system and the o-ring work terrific! I would recommend this yoyo to anyone who is intermediate to expert level. Hands down, 10/10 stars!

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Well, I think that the Dark Magic’s inner rim was designed as a 2nd IRG. So that would mean that there are two rims that allow you to thumb grind.

maybe :-\

Jetboy, people have been getting 4 minutes of spin from the Dark Magic. =
And… I got it just over 1 minute ;D

IAvery, I klnow you mean well, but you don’t contribute anything by just quoting what somebody else said.


this was not even my best. my best is 5:02 with konkave. but good try, prac makes perfect!! :slight_smile:

Tell me how you got the bearing like that! ???

so the konkave bearing make it sleep alot longer ?? what??? i been getting 1 or 2 minute sleep time!!! that is enough time for me do all the tricks i need to do guess lol. i don’t man i think i am i love with this yo yo :stuck_out_tongue:

A konkave bearing keeps the string in the middle of the gap so it doesn’t touch the side and reduces the friction.

well thanks again.

Practice is what you need to make it sleep that long or even longer jetboy, but what matters is if you could do tricks with it and not just watch it for that long.

okay, if i didn’t know that, i wouldn’t have got the bearing. I’m not that stupid :-\

If you want to do super long sleepers there is a little trick you can do to keep the yoyo from tilting. When it is sleeping, grab the string an inch or two above the yoyo. Depending on which way you twist it then it will tilt the yoyo. This way you can counteract any tilt.

oh, thanks

That part about the adjustable gap… needing to more than triple bind it to get it back is definitely not a really good thing.

no kidding, but at the same time, what if you’re are doing like a whip or a suicide where the string is doubled or tripled up?

I keep mine completely closed, have no problem doing anything.

i dont mean to jack the thread but i sold my old dark magic and do you think i should buy another

Well, how well did you like it, and why would you sell it just to by another one?!