dark magic spin time ?

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i had my dark magic and it only sleeps for about 30 seconds and i have been hearing that you have to break in the bearing to get a longer sleep time but this guy in this video got it sleep for 1 minute right of the box.

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sorry about putting the video twice i dont know how to edit the post and thx for the help


There’s a little Modify button. Anyways, no yoyo has a certain spin time. It depends on who is using it. How long have you been yoyoing, and what tricks?

I bet Andre can make a clutch yoyo sleep for a minute.


Yea it really depends on the throw, and I even bet this guy took it out and widened the gap, and probably broke it in, and then put it back in the box ;D


There could be a number of reasons. Not all bearings are created equal. I bought a Lyn and a X-Convict at the same time at the same store. The Lyn bearing was full of lube and spun for 30 sec and the Vict had a clean and LOUD bearing that spun over 2 min out of the box. Swapping the bearings confirmed this. Some YYJs come with clean bearings and some don’t. My Legacy was also clean and spins forever. Some people clean their bearings and some break them in with a little thin lube and patience. It’s personal preference.

That being said, it could be your throw. The yo-yo could be defective. The video could be a fake. Maybe he has, like, a bionic robot arm or something…or not.

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i can do almost all of the intermediate except for like one or two


Don’t worry, when I was there, I was getting like 30 second spin times too.