Shutter spin time

I literally got a shutter like 5 miniutes ago and it spin time is way too low for what i imagined.I can get about 1 minute with it and everyone else gets 3 minutes or more.I can throw it perfectly as hard as possible and still.

One question…
Whats the point?

You do really want to sit and watch a yoyo just sleep for over a minute? Sounds so boring… Play with that thing man, dont just watch it! haha

To answer your question theres a 99.999999…, no, theres 100% chance its technique. Based on the question asked, its technique. Itll get better in time, but trust me. Sleep times are useless by and large. When it slows, bind, throw again. Hard throws will bite you and bite hard. Take it easy. Relax. and dont worry about how long it sleeps. Worry about how to figure out that next trick or how to smooth out the ones you already know.


Yeah but often i run out of spin halfway into the trick.I’ve been yoyoing for two years and i thought i was able to throw a sleeper perfectly but 100% of other people can make it sleep 3 times as i do.

More than likely it is technique but a couple things I guess you could check is flicking the bearing and watching how long it spins. If it dies really fast that could be an issue. Also if the pads stick out they could also be slowing the yoyo down when it hits the string.

Like dust said, take it easy when you throw. About a year ago I was whipping the yoyo as hard as I could and I happened to have a knot. The yoyo hit me in the eye. The corner of a dv888 does not feel to good there. So take it easy and just keep working on getting better.

Make sure the response pads are pushed all the way in/down. Also, if/when possible, try a thinner string. Shutter has a pretty wide gap so it shouldnt be a problem, but it might be. Also as Whoth3man said, it might also be the bearing, but thats usually not the case. If you want to drop that bearing into acetone for a few minutes and spin dry. It might be a lube/overlube/or grit issue.
Other than that itll just take some time. But your not gonna have a +1 minute sequence so just work on your binds, try different strings, try a different bearing or clean the one thats in there, check the pads. then practice more. Its almost never the equipment but there is always exceptions. :slight_smile:

The yoyo is fine i think.But i dont know what to improve in terms of throwing.Every tutorial is the same and doesnt help me.

  1. Clean and relubricate your bearing.
  2. Change the bearing.

The Shutter spins for 1:03. If it spun for 1 second longer it would be a useful yoyo.

However it spins one second less, therefore it is a useless yoyo. Nobody can use a Shutter for anything.

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If your style is sloppy that will decrease spin times…

Is this holding a sleeper or a minute of “tricks”?

Smooth play will greatly increase your sleep time.

I came from before ball bearings were commonplace in yoyos, and other than to see how long it sleeps, I haven’t needed more spin on any semi modern yoyo in over a decade.

Practice makes perfect!

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You should’ve gotten a horizon🤦🏼

The shutter has a very wide gap, and extreme rim wight, this combo can and does cause significant slipping on the throw. When a yoyo slips rather than rolls down the string it does not get much spin time. I suspect your binds are not sufficient for either the pads in the yoyo, or the width of your string, probably a combo of both. If the shutter brand new? Its possible the pads are just not all that tacky, I have to use blue or yellow yyf pads in a shutter.

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Even though you Shutter might not spin as long as you thought it would, I’m still sure it can be an AMAZING yoyo! I have one and I never tried to mesure spin time, but I just LOVE how smooth and fast Shutters are.

Spin time does not change the ways of the yoyo :wink:

I always find it odd when people say how smooth a specific type of yoyo is.

Same! The bearing matters on spin time, though.

Thanks everyone!I changed my string and it lasted for 3 minutes!

You know the next step…cut that string and throw it away :wink: