How to make my yoyo spin longer?

I’ve been having some yoyo problems. For some reason, I can’t seem to complete tricks like Grandma Kimmet Sandwich, And Whut, and other techy tricks. My yoyo always runs out of spin time, or in the case of the Grandma Kimmet Sandwich, just spins out.

I know it’s not my throw, because I have a nice, solid throw. But in every yoyo video I watch, there yoyos seem to spin for FOREVER. Does anyone have some advice on how to get better performance out of my yoyos? ???

What yoyo?

I would learn how to correct tilt your yoyo. This would greatly increase spin time. Also, just because your throw is solid, that doesn’t mean it will spin for a large amount of time. I had a pair of Dreadnaught Gs and each weighed 79 grams. My 67 gram Collid3rs spin longer than the Dreadnaughts.

My Shutter, Hubstacked Genesis, and OD Rally.

NO, I didn’t mean my yoyo. I meant the way that I THROW my yoyo.

If it’s consistent across all of those yoyos it’s probably your throw. It may be strong, but is it straight (i.e. not tilted and walls rubbing the string)? Or are you over lubing your bearings. Less lube = longer spin times.

Nah, I don’t over lube my bearings. I only put it on when it needs some, and if so, just a tiny drop. Maybe it is my throw, because I can’t get my yoyos to spin longer than 2 minutes. To me, though, my throw is pretty good. I usually always throw it straight, and with good strength, too.

How much spin time should I be able to get out of these yoyos? How long do yours usually spin?

Two minutes…
You should be able to do a whole bunch of stuff a couple times over in that time. Or is that just what you can get for sleep time. Even a minute of good spin is enough to do most anything. If it ain’t working it’s your throw.

It spins for 2 minutes without doing any tricks.

I’ll practice and see how things go. :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Here’s what I think is happening. Your string hits are inaccurate and are hitting the wall of the yoyo causing it to slow down instead of hitting right in the middle of the gap. I would practice both your throws and your tricks in general to work on this.

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I agree, especially because it happens on the techier (apparently a real word) tricks. Those slightly off hits really eat spin.

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Yup, agreed with the above. To add to that: if you’re learning a trick, there’s a tendency to let to yoyo sit there spinning while you remember the next step or mentally/physically adjust for the next step.

If you’re at a part of the trick with a lot of string layers or the segments coming out of the gap not in a straight line (by design of the trick) the spin is dying with each passing moment. But when you get good at the trick, the yoyo won’t be sitting there for as long while you remember/adjust/prep.

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More than likely this. Accurate string hits a very important. Inaccurate string hits, awkward hand positioning, and sloppy play are most likely causing your troubles.

The person teaching the trick probably has the trick mastered, meaning that they know exactly how to position their hands and how to manipulate the yoyo, eliminating string rubbing and other sloppy play elements that cut down on spin time.

I was just thinking about throwing technique today, oddly. It’s not all about strength. There is a lot of technique to getting the most spin out of a throw. Try raising your arm higher when you throw. I find it makes a significant difference.

Make sure you replace your response as needed. A loose response system can cause the yoyo to not wind tightly, thus dramatically reducing spin time when thrown.

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So is 2 minutes of spin time without doing anything enough to hammer down longer, more complicated tricks? Or do I need more than that?

Lets put it this way: does your combo last 2 minutes? No? Then you should practice you combo untill you can do it as many times as possible before running out of spintime. Practice and precision will make your spintime last longer during your combos.

The fact that you can get your yoyo to sleep for two minutes means nothing when it comes to tricks. When doing a trick the yoyo is subjected to many different forces and moments as it flies through the air, all of which want to slow it down. That said, your yoyo spins well enough to do most any trick when thrown properly.

Ok, thanks guys. I will take all of this and apply it to my yoyoing.

Thanks for all of your help!