My Dark Magic ll yoyo doesn't spin as long as most people I see.

I haven’t found a way to make my throw better, because I’ve recorded my time that I could actually pull the yoyo up. I got about 40-50 seconds (can’t remember exact time) on the stock bearing.

How long have you been at it? It takes some practice to get good, straight throws. That is the key.

If the yoyo tilts when you throw, most likely, that will slow it down. On the next throw twist your wrist slightly in the direction opposite of the tilt. Adjust accordingly on subsequent throws.

the throw, most likely

keep practicing

Thats still a good spin time. Keep working on your throw. Youll have STRONG throws sooner or later :wink:

Yea, its the throw. On my DM version 1 I could only get it to go for 1 min 30 secs for a while. Then one day i timed it again and it was at 2 mins 40 secs. You get better with time.

ya’ the problem is not on the yoyo side of the string. :wink: