How to make yo-yo spin better and string trick problems

I have a SnapBack (ball bearing, my only good yo-yo), and the best I can get of a good throw on it is 34 seconds. I’ve heard people say that they can get 2 minutes and they think that’s slow. Whenever I try to do a string trick, it looks like it’s in the center, but then it spins out extremely fast. Any help?

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You don’t actually need a whole lot of spin time for most tricks. Especially when you’re just starting out, most tricks will only take a few seconds to perform once you’re comfortable with them.

Making sure you have a good and straight throw with proper form goes a very long way to getting longer spin times.

To help maximize spin time while doing string tricks, try to make sure your fingers are keeping the string aligned with the center of the yoyo. Also try to keep the strings taut while playing. When you’ve got the yoyo on the string in something like a trapeze or a double or nothing, if you’re you’re not keeping the string formation taut, extra string will end up inside the yoyo and kill the spin faster.

Just keep on practicing and you’ll find that you’ll consistently be able to get longer spin time (and longer tricks) out of your yoyo! It just takes time.


Okay yeah I understand, but when I try to adjust the string, it just swings the yoyo, and I’m not exactly sure how to center it dead-center

It just comes with practice. Just keep at it and your throws will end up being straighter in time. There’s unfortunately not really any trick to it other than just doing it more.

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So just keep trying throwing sleepers? Also, how do I throw them straighter? Do I have to line it up? Thanks for the advice so far @mable.

If you haven’t already watched a tutorial for it. Using proper technique helps a ton.

Here’s a second tutorial that may or may not help you. The yoyo you’re using right now kind of forces you to have a better technique, but if you don’t throw perfectly straight you can do this to tilt your yoyo back upright. Ultimately though the goal is just to have your initial throw be straight.


Okay thanks! The gap in between my yo-yo is half a centimeter, so do you think i need spacers?

I’d recommend just continuing to practice with the Snapback. You can’t widen the gap any more on it however. Other yoyos with a wider gap might spin for longer right now, but it’s very easy to build bad habits with them.

Ultimately it’s your call if you continue with the Snapback or get a completely unresponsive yoyo which will have a much wider gap. But I’d very heavily recommend just continuing to learn on the Snapback, it might be harder now, but it’ll help build good habits that you’ll thank yourself for in the future.


I’m sure I’ll thank you in the future multiple times. Thanks!


I just started about 2 Months ago. I am almost through Level 1 of Yoyo Expert trick list.

What I do is throw a sleeper. If the yoyo is tilted, I bring it back and throw again. Only when I have a good sleeper will I start the trick.

When starting a majority of my throws needed to be returned and tried again.

I am now able to do more sleepers than returns before tricks.

Being a skill, there is Muscle memory that needs developed. It is only through doing that this happens.

And dont forget; Have Fun


Yeah, pretty much same thing here, also I’ve read your forum: Beginner’s Journey. It’s really cool!


What helps me is making sure the string rolls off of my middle finger when doing a front style
Throw, like the messages above, throwing it perfectly straight is the #1 way to
Get long spin times. I started in August and It just takes a lot of patience and practice.

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Yeah, I see. I just understood to not turn over my arm while it’s spinning.

The video above for tilt adjustment is for side style ticks. To adjust tilt on a sleeper or front style that starts with a sleeper/throwdown, if the yoyo tilts to the right twist your wrist slightly to the left. Adjust the wrist tilt as needed. For a left tilt, twit wrist to the right…


I feel added spin time can be great for practicing new tricks; you have more time to experiment before you have to reset your throw. I’ve found a ten ball gold bearing seems to provide the most luck for me. Last time I measured spin time, it was upwards of 3 minutes. Plenty for my throwing needs.

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