how long does your yoyo spin


;D i wanna know how long your yoyo spins mines hitman pro about 2 minutes


my g5, which is the throw I use the most, has pretty nice sleep time.
stacks sleep for about 8 minutes
a good throw about 4 minutes.


(Raphael) #4

My yoyo spins forever, but you have to have a really strong arm


As long as I need it to.


as long as i want it to.
Yes, IAM chuck norris. AMA


long enough for now I guess :wink:


long enough to fit my need.

but I hit 13 something with my genesis.
Well, long time ago. . .


Way longer then I could need.


Mine spins in a circle :smiley:


Man I feel like a Junior here. I can get about 4:30, but then again I just work on tricks not much for sleeping competitions.

(Cinimod105) #12

I think this thread should be titled “How well can you make your yoyo spin?” instead, since sleep times are based on the individual, and not the yoyo.

(Halbach) #13

that’s not entirely true. Some yoyos are going to have better sleep times, but the actual time itself varies from thrower to thrower.


about 5 minutes :o


Long enough to handle any trick I throw at it.


yes like the buddah king is the yoyo not thw throw lol


Although, give a buddah king to a beginner and they’ll probably get like a minute out of it. lol


It spins for a good time. period


About 3-5 minutes, depends


I need a yoyo/bearing combination that sleeps for a long time because I like to do allot of tricks with each throw.