I'm slightly confused

Hey guys I’m still fairly new to the world of yoyoing, and I was wondering (I don’t really need an answer this topic was mainly for people to ponder about), about a couple things. One would be when people ask how long a yoyo spins; is it just me or does this really have no relevancy? What people should ask is how many string layers can I shove in my yoyo before it starts going crazy. From what I’ve seen in yoyo videos and things of that nature, I’ve notice that in contests most people only have a 3-4 minute window to perform their tricks and then get off stage. I guess unless your trick is going to be a 17 minute long sleeper it really doesn’t matter how long it sleeps because I can get my mosquito to sleep for about 2 minutes (this is without touching it just a sleeper) and that’s like 2/3 to 1/2 the trick time.
Also some comments by people should really be read like 10 minutes later because sometimes some comments are unsettling. I wouldn’t say mean, but to someone who might be frustrated or is new, or is still a fairly young person the response would be taken either the wrong way, or in a case where the comment is unsettling they might take it too rough and their self esteem would fall and that’s not what we want to do to fellow yoyo’ers. Let’s support everyone as though they need help, and they aren’t here to just pick you out of a crowd to annoy you.
I know many of you know this as well, when you read a comment sometimes just replay that jiggle, “If you have nothing nice to say, its better to not say anything at all.”
I know everyone means well but sometimes the word sorry goes a little further than you might think.



The thing about sleep times is absolutely on the money. If it has a ball bearing, it can sleep plenty long to do some tricks, especially with a good throw.

I always tell people they can sleep for 3 mins which is 2.5 mins longer then it needs to :slight_smile:


I agree 100% on sleep times being way over rated but even I fell into that trap when first starting I thought it was incredible how long a good yoyo could sleep.

Now I can care less if I get a good 30-40 secs im good.

good post! finally someone asks a question and puts the reasons in it!

I completely agree on the sleep time.
I guess it’s because the new yoyoers don’t know that it really doesn’t matter? Like when I first started, I thought sleep times made a big difference. Now, not so much.

lol its actually kind of funny how the record sleeper went. Sure it was a 19 minute sleeper, but if you saw it, its like the last few minutes, the thing was going at like 3 rounds per second. It was just spinning slowly forever, and you could see the YYF logo just spinning around. If you think about it, only 10 minutes of that would’ve been strong enough for hardcore ladder escapes.

But yeah, I had to say that, even though it was kinda off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

But when I was a beginner, and I was searching for my first good yoyo, I was searching frantically “Dark magic vs Hitman vs X convict spin time” on google a zillion times. Each time, I got different results. Eventually, I got a hitman. Not sure why, I think its because I could find it on Amazon, and couldn’t find a dark magic there :P.

Now, my 3 minute 10 second sleepers can get me through my 30 second tricks with barely any spin left . When you do tricks, your spin time is gonna get cut by like 2/3.

And I usually avoid topics like “Which yoyo is better” because every time I post in one, I end up getting owned, really badly :-\ :stuck_out_tongue: I simply don’t have anything good to say in those posts.

Wow I’m surprised I didn’t really imagine I’d get so much response out of that comment. I made it late at night (usually when i do most my responses and comments). Thanks to everyone who supported me!