How long can your yoyo spin?

I hear about a lot of people say “yeah my yoyo can spin for a long time! Like 4 minutes!” I want to see who has had the longest here on the forums.
Mine: 10 minutes on recrev octave
Best snap start: 4.3 minutes on replay pro with groove bearing
What is yours! :slight_smile:

My best was 5:20 with a stock yoyofficer orbis

Best snap start: 4.3 minutes on replay pro with groove bearing
What is yours! :slight_smile:
Come on really. I’d like to see a video of this.

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I think I hit like 7 mins with my orca. I don’t feel like timing right now, but I think I can get like 9 if I threw hard (I have long string so I never feel the need to throw hard.)

Edit: Sorry! Wrong thread. The orca isn’t a yoyo, it’s a return top ::slight_smile:

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Come on really. I’d like to see a video of this.
Oh you doubt me! I’ll try to make a video of it some time soon if I remeber.

Are you talking with or without string manipulation?

I got 6.7 minutes on my yoyojam classic with a Buddha Whipple in it. And kitty nylon 1.5

Without string manipulation was for a contest to use a less then 39$ plastic and i won it.

Heres the vid.

Either way, maybe just specify. Both of the ones I said were without.

I don’t know. I always get bored and quit after less than 30 seconds.
I have more exciting things to occupy my time.

The only yoyo I actually timed was my YYO Orbis stock. I binded it after 3 minutes, mostly out of boredom, however I was still pretty surprised for a sub $50 throw.

Yoyoapartment 1937, 12 minutes 58 seconds.

magicyoyo t8, 10mins

Magic yoyo n11:
4 minutes something. Really good for a sub $20 throw:)

‘I’ll try’ to make a video of it ‘sometime soon’… ‘If I remember’.

Pretty much a ‘Weak Sauce’ response.

You’ll try to make a video(which you don’t really want to do)

Sometime soon(which means it’s not that important to you to substantiate your claim). <that’s like saying ‘Be back soon’…

‘If I remember’. Basically means you are not going to make a note to yourself to not forget. Forgetting is often the deliberate result of intentionally not remembering.

Bottom line>>> Don’t Purport it if you won’t Support it.

…by the way; I hand made an entire Titanium yoyo from Scratch! Carved the 54mm Ti yoyo from a solid 127 pound block of Titanium using nothing but a: butter knife and a Magic sponge.

I made a video of the entire Miracle. I will post it up later ‘if I remember’.


Weak sauce lol

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My yoyo spins longer than my patience

I think sleeping 4 minutes from snap start is actually very possible. If you have seen or done 8 minutes+ sleeper, you’ll definitely agree that after 4 minutes something the yoyo will spin too slow for tricks already and normally it’s the time to bind, however the yoyo still spins very long after that.
My theory is that, when spinning fast, the yoyo drags air (as you can feel by position it near your face) slowing it down quickly, but when it’s already slow it doesn’t get affected by air much anymore hence it decelerates less. The rpm stays longer in lower rpm.
I’m gonna make a video tonight, not for that kid’s sake, only to prove my point.

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Sorry it took so long. I had to take a bunch of tests for college courses today and then I was airsofting since 1 :slight_smile:

Wow, the comments…

Well you proved your point, which also mine, hence I don’t need to make any video lol.

i got just barely over 13 minutes on my space cowboy with a clean, 10 ball kk and new fat kitty

i was not able to record it tho… :stuck_out_tongue: