How long can your yoyo spin?

Magicyoyo N9. 13:32.

No, I don’t have a video.

Don’t care about getting a video.

Don’t care if you don’t believe me.

Nice job! Thanks for posting. I was skeptical, no doubt. But you took care of that. Thanks for posting and sorry I doubted your claim.

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My thoughts exactly. The only time I ever tried to time how long a yo-yo sleeps is when we got the C3 BTH in… And even then I got bored after a couple minutes.


At one point I used to care how long of a sleeper I can do. But now I never really pay attention to it. I can get it to spin long enough to do what I want it to do, and sometimes the yoyo still has enough strength that it can cause the hand to tingle from it’s rather quick bind return. Had a few surprises like that with my Elysian and Space Cowboy as they’re hefty spinners.

With my loop 1080 about 6 seconds 8) :wink:

but 1A my throws spin longer than Dumbledore’s beard

maybe 9.5min on average idk

After 3 minutes?! How?! I can’t bind it even after 50 seconds cause its getting too slow after that time. My yoyo is new Shutter Wide Angle.

I got 2:09 on my YYF Sprite. Have no clue if that is good or bad. :man_shrugging: