What's your best spin time?

My best is 8 minutes. My average is about 6:59. I used a duncan momentum to get my record. Just curious to see what others can get.

I’m guessing that nobody stands a chance against someone with a BTH.

That seriously is one of the stupidest yoyos I know.

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Like 55 seconds with my velocity… I wish i could get a better yoyo. Gonna try to get my parents to get me a dark magic for my birthday hopefully

Like 1 minute, with my Avalanche. Wow I feel like a loser now.

You and me both… :smiley:

Probably around 4 or 5 minutes if I just throw my Cupcake really hard and don’t do tricks with it…

Odds are you arent using the twisting string technique.

I got a 10 minute spin time once.

Whats that?


Once I got 5 minutes with just rolling the yoyo off my hand, no throw.

5 mins 38 sec with an MVP 2. Not bad i guess.

8 minutes on an N11

Can’t be bothered staring at my yoyo for a few minutes while it spins so I have no idea.



And me! I don’t even know my longest. Maybe I should time it sometime…

My Cliff record is like 6 mins 38 sec, and my Majesty record is like 4 mins 49 seconds. I once got 3 mins 20 seconds with my Yomega Hyperwarp Heavywing. My new Pre-pro Majesty should be here tomorrow or Friday I think I’ll be able to get like 5 30 but I have no idea

I used to time my spins when I could only get about 40 seconds of spin time, but now that I have a better throw I don’t have the patience to just watch my yoyo sitting at the end of a string. I’d rather do tricks.

To answer the previous question, the string twist method is just twisting the string to avoid it from rubbing against the wall and slowing it down. Nothing too special.

The longest I ever timed was my Oxy Ti at just over 11 minutes. Seems like I can usually get a good 10 minutes out of most of my metals, but I really haven’t spent much time at all doing it.