Beginner questions, Round 2 (Sleep Time and "Reception technique")


More questions, More fun ;D

As some of you already know, I’ve been practicing with my DM2 for a couple of days now.
My gravity pull has improved a lot :smiley: so is my throw technique… but still I need more practice.

Now onto the questions.
When I throw my yoyo I can perform the sleeper trick with ease, the issue here is that the sleep times I get are around 20 seconds.
Considering I’m still using the stock string and the stock bearing the DarkMagic2 comes with, is it normal that the yoyo has a short sleep time? or is it my throwing tech?

Sometimes, when I feel like a cro-magnon, I throw my yoyo with more strength than usual. This causes the yoyo to spin quite fast. Now, when I tug it, the yoyo comes back to my hand very fast and more often than not it hits me in the MP section (See image)
This (obviously) hurts a little and I want to avoid as much as posible this situation 'cause the more advanced the tricks, the faster the yoyo spins and the higher will be the force with wich it hits my palm.
What advises can you give me concerning the reception technique? What do you do?

As for now, the way I feel more comfortable with is this:
Once I turm my hand palm-down to tug, I not only turn the hand but lower it so it doesn’t stays in an horizontal position (palm facing down) but in a vertical position (fingers pointing down, palm facing me) this is the way I usually avoid hitting my MP zone.

Thanx in advance for the help and advises :smiley:


1: Sleep times will improve with practice. 20 seconds isn’t bad, but you’ll want to eventually get your sleep times over 2 minutes, but you’ll be on the YYJ SPEED bearing well before then(the wider bearing). In the meantime, practice.

2: Right, the harder you throw, the harder the return. Ouch. Get used to it. Man up! You just have to develop a tolerance for the pain. The other option is to let it run itself down a bit before tugging it back(or later binding it back). The downside is if you let it spin down too much you won’t have enough spin left to return it to you. That’s what practice helps you figure it out.

Really, don’t obsess too much on sleep time. If you can perform the trick or tricks you want to, you’re fine. It’s better to develop a good, clean, straight throw in both the forward and in the breakaway positions.

Oh, and I hope you have bulk strings, you’re gonna need it!


Thanx (again and again and again :smiley: ) for the help Studio42 ;D
I was a bit worries about the sleep time 'cause if it was too short, that meant my throw was not the way it should be, now I feel more confident n___n. I’ll try not to focus too much on sleep time for now since I’m still on the beginner tricks and I don’t need it that much.

Yeah, I guess I’ll have to get used to it haha.

I’ve noticed too that if I let it run down then it comes quite smootlhy… but also very slow and sometimes it doesn’t have the momentum to get back to my hand. I’ll try to avoid this 'cause I feel it might grow into a bad habit.

Oh, I bought a bulk of strings :slight_smile: 100 pro-poly YYE strings :o and thin lube for maintenance :smiley: