I have a yoyojam dark magic, and it should spin for about 2 minutes. i can barely get mine to sleep for 40 seconds. am i not throwing strong enough? My yoyo is lubricated, but should i put more? I want mine to sleep for a few minutes!

Its All Down To The Throw You Need A Nice Strong Centered Throw And TO Keep The String Off The Sidewalls, It Doesnt Matter If A Non Yoyoer Had A £1000 Yoyo A Decent Player Could Beat Them On Sleep Time With A Freehand Zero.

Just Practice All You Can Your Times Will Rise Eventuly :slight_smile:

Lube doesn’t make yoyos sleep longer. In fact, it does the opposite, but it keeps the bearing lasting much longer.

Keep working on your throw. It won’t develop overnight. Keeping it straight is also very important.

And 2 minutes is a very very very low guestimation.

This x10.

Yeah definitely listen to Apetrunk he knows things! ;D

so a DM can spin longer than 2minutes easily?

Yes, stock, but only with a decent throw.