tips on longer sleep/breakaway times?

is there any good tips to get better at this? my Dark magic spins out after about 30 seconds…

Practice. That is really the only way. A few little pointers that will help along the way…

If the string touches the inside of the yo yo it will tilt and slow fro the friction. Watch for a tilted or angled throw and adjust your throws to keep string and gap in the same plane.

Harder throws = more spin. Go out and get yourself a clutched yoyo. By spending time making that sleep, you will learn to throw harder. It is like lifting weights for yoyo throws.

Keep in mind that you do not need a big wind up for a good hard throw. When I throw a breakaway, it is more wrist motion then big arm motion. When practicing focus more on a straight throws don’t worry about hard throws, your body will figure that part out.

Record yourself throwing. Watch the videos of yourself.

Find a yoyo club. Having people around that throw will help you.

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my throw became fairly decent for 2 reasons

  • 6 to 8 months of practice in
  • when I started 5A, the 5A hold feels better to generate more torque, therefore spin speed, length and stability. I now tie the string to my ring finger and throw using the 5A hold (thumb + pointer to throw and catch), I sometime use the “regular” 1A hold and sideways throws and I doesn’t even get close to the 5A speed, stability and spin times.

but the main thing is practice, your throw WILL stink for some time, the more you throw, the more you practice, the faster your throw is going to get better and the longer your yoyo will spin on a given throw.

That hold for the 5A throw will really help. It is the same thing I do. It does feel odd at first, but you will get used to it fast.

indeed, plus, it looks so much better than the basic throw where the yoyo does like a half circle until you finally hit the trapeze.

then if you want to start 5A you’ll have that down already