Sleepy Journey

So, how long should I be able to get my journey to sleep?
I have not done anything to it. And usually I run with a large-ish gap since it is adjustable and all.

I am having trouble with “split the atom,” but it is not the trick so much as the yoyo will just not sleep quite long enough to get through it.

I can get 30sec on a good throw, which is awesome compared to my Duncan Butterfly, but not great compared to others.

I don’t have a Journey but I am guessing you should just work on your throws. :wink:

So any specific tips then? All I have been able to gather on the boards is: throw better.

I’m new to yoyoing and that is all I have gathered but it is soooo true. There arent really any tips to throwing better, I just throw, up and down for a good 20-40 minutes and I have improved a lot just by that. Ive started to get the hang of snapping my wrist to get a good throw. If your throw tilts to the left/right try and throw a little to the opposite way to straighten it out.

This is what I mean. What do you guys mean by snapping your wrist? I think I am doing that, but it is not much different.

practicing your throw is sooo important because its the foundation of all your tricks… get some good muscle behind your throw… snapping your wrist means to make a jerking motion downward as your yoyo leaves your hand… the more you throw the better, stronger, and more accurate you will become.

this may take some time to get used to

btw… if you need tips, feel free to send me a private message… if i cant help you, ill find someone who can

Have you ever thrown snappers during the fourth of july? It’s like a quick jerk of your wrist. If your doing it you will notice the yoyo spins faster than if you werent snapping your wrist.

Here’s a tip from the old school…

When I throw a sleeper, I “aim” the yo-yo for a spot on the ground about three feet in front of me. When I release, I let my wrist go almost completely limp and let the force of my arm cause the “wrist snap” that so many others have described.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice that the yo is going to want to swing back towards you. To stop this, simply bring your throw hand in closer to your body just as the yo-yo begins to swing back. If done correctly, you’ll end up with a completely straight sleeper spinning fast as all get out.

In certain circles you might hear this referred to as the “McBride Sleeper” method. This is the reason why…

Obviously, it’s been a while since Sleeper was taught in this way, but I think it still holds up pretty well. Combine this with a solid wrist snap, and your Sleeper will never fail you.

I love that video!!!

Thanks for all the great responses.
I will watch that vid when I get home.

But, no one has answered my original question.
How long should I be able to get my Journey to sleep?

I need a realistic goal to shoot for.

For a newer player, a realistic Sleeper goal for a Journey would be just over a minute.

There are videos on YouTube of players claiming 3+ minutes with stock setups.

Thanks! I’m half way there…