Crooked Throws?

Hey guys, I just got a DM in the mail. It is my first butterfly shaped yoyo and I can’t seem to throw it straight. I can get it good sometimes, but not consistantly. There seems to be a lot of wabble to the yoyo and it dies out a lot quicker than I imagined a DM would, even with a novice thrower.

I re-watched the video about sleeping and it doesn’t really address wobble. It doesn’t seem to address it in any of the tutorials, it just always says “get a strong sleeper”, but doesn’t really go that deep on how to do that.

Also, should I hold it with three fingers? (middle in the gap, and the pointer and ring on the rim) Or with one finger (middle in the gap and the rest extended not touching at all).

Any tips?

Where do you aim when you throw? You shouldn’t be aiming straight down. Pick a spot about 2-3 feet in front of you and let the yoyo swing back. Then note the side it’s leaning towards. If it leans to the right, then aim your throw more towards the right to straighten out the spin. Same, if it leans to the left, then aim a little left. Eventually you’ll find that right throw this way and get yourself plenty of sleep time.

Good luck, hope that helped! ;D

yeah, that helped a lot I think. All of a sudden they just started getting better.

Any more tips would be great. They are a bit more straight now, but still don’t have the ultra long sleep time.

Just throw harder? Any specific advice on that?

Hm…this problem is hard to solve. Well, I suggest not doing any tricks until you can get a good throw. Make sure you can grasp the yoyo well, and have control. And when you release, do it smooth and swift, in order to keep control.

One more quick note on how to make your throw straighter. For me it seemed to be the way I had my hand tilted. Sometimes I would go the throw, and I would notice that my hand was angled to the side a little. It is hard to explain, but just try to make sure that you have the yoyo going straight up and down, that is all I can say.

As for the harder throw, just practice throwing down with all your might put into it.

Sorry if that was of no help what so ever.

Make sure that the yoyo isn’t too close to your finger. You want a relatively loose grip.
Also, the harder you throw, the less wobble you’ll have.
Good Luck! :wink:

Oh man, great advice! I am getting really smooth throws now. I was really clamping down before, which must have been adding some weird spin to it, but now they are really smooth…


the DM you need to break the yoyo in before if starts to spin really good and as long as it should

How long does it typically take to break a bearing in?

It really depends on how much you play. I assume it might take a week - Two weeks.

well when i got mine i played with it alot so if you play with is alot maybe a day to 2 days

Here’s where I throw a wrench in everyone’s works…

I keep the string on my first knuckle, middle finger.

When I throw, the yo-yo is nice and tight against my hand and finger, if that makes sense. I use the tip of my throw finger to both guide the yo straight, and as a “buffer tool” to make sure there’s just enough slack when the yo hits the bottom of the throw to not vibe or wobble.

I hope this makes sense. :-\

Same here Doc, I keep it fully wound pre throw. And I like to feel it roll off my finger as a way to feel if it’s a good clean throw. As far as being a longer sleeper, then I say clean the bearing, if it came with to much lube, it won’t spin nearly as long. My pistolero came over lubed and didn’t spin as long as I liked, and once it was cleaned it became amazing. Good Luck, :slight_smile:

I’m not the only one! Of course, I knew that. Interesting observation follows…

I’ve noticed that the only people who throw this way are folks who started throwing, at the latest, in the mid-to-late nineties. I have a feeling it was the way we were taught to do it back then. Thinking about it logically, it makes some sense.

Our toys back then were responsive. Some very much so. If your throw was anything less than straight and perfect, you were in for a knuckle-dusting good time.

I wonder if there’s any validity to my hypothesis?

I kinda get what you mean and I also put it first knuckle on middle finger.

is knuckle what you mean by “Section” on the finger? As in the 3 bendable parts of the finger(Phalanx)? I just wanna know :slight_smile:

Heh, I had a yoyo back in about '99 and that is how I learned to throw. I watched the video from Andre, so I had moved the loop back a bit on my finger cuz I figured he knew better.

I just shifted back to the old spot that you were talking about and it feels great. I think I prefer it there as well. I agree, it gives a bit more control over the throws.

Thanks for calling me back to my roots! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t mention it. ;D

Yep Doc, I think you are absolutely right. I started throwing in late '98. Saber Raider FTW!! And yes, it was responsive, the second it became even remotely unresponsive, GRAB THE VASELINE BABY!!! and make that sucker responsive again. I love the new style, but I do miss my Shoot the Moon transitions, and the nice regens :frowning:

I broke in my DM in like an hour…