I need help with my sleeper. My throws are tilted when I throw my WHIP. Not sure about when i throw my FAST. Anyways what can i do? I just watched part of the video again. What do i do. Please help

Practice throwing with your wrist positioned at slightly different angles with slightly different grips. Try letting go of the yoyo earlier. Eventually you’ll get it.

What would be different grips and wrist angles be like. Can you give me some examples that I can try.

If it is your breakaway that is tilted you may notice in videos some people actually hold the side of the yoyo when they throw their breakaway. I would recommend throwing not as hard and really work on getting the yoyo straight then when you get that down put more force behind it. Good luck.

I had the same problem. All I did was spend about a week practicing my sleeper and bought a more stable throw. Trust me, a more stable throw will help you out a lot, but not as much as practicing your sleeper will

Any more helpful tips

I’ll be doing a video tutorial soon on various ways to hold and throw a yoyo. Could take a few weeks though - just need to wait till I have some time…

Can you try to get it done faster? Once it’s done can you put it on this thread or PM me it.

i hda taht prob ounce. ten i trew owt mi wip n gut a new yo now i m a pro

remainder: is teh yoyo not th plyers :wink:

Frodoslair: Your sleeper is tilted, because you are releasing the yoyo on an angle. Here is what you can do to straighten your throws. When practicing, don’t worry about throwing the yoyo hard, just get the feel first, then you can add some force.
Start by throwing a sleeper. Note which way the yoyo is tilted (left or right) as it is spinning at the bottom of the string. Wind it up and get ready to throw again.
Before you do, hold your arm in front of you like you are going to throw a sleeper. Note the position of your forearem. Think of it as the arm of a clock. Ideally you want it pointing to twelve o’clock when you throw.
For the second throw, put your arm over to eleven o’clock and throw a sleeper. Notice whether the yoyo is tilting in the same direction as the first throw, or the other direction.
Wind up and throw a third sleeper. This time put your forearm at a one o’clock position and throw. What way is the yoyo tilting now?
You should be able to see a trend by now. the position of your forearm when you release will dictate which way the yoyo is tilted when you throw it. by moving back and forth you will be able to straighten your sleeper.
If you throw at eleven o’clock and the yoyo is tilted left, start moving your forearm towards twelve o’clock. YOu should see that the yoyo is tilted less to the left. If still tilted at twelve o’clock, move towards one o’clock, and the yoyo should be tilted even less. Keep adjusting until she is spinning straight. That is where you need to throw your sleepers.
After that, PRACTICE! A good sleeper took me so long to get because I have a bad wrist and didn’t realize I kept throwing it tilted.
Hope this helps. I can post a video tonight if you want more help.

Sorry Frodo, that post was for yoyoedumaster

Please make video

Here’s a video of how to throw a straight sleeper. I think this is what you were talking about.
Let me know if this helps!

Thx for the video. This is what i was talking about

No problem. Let me know if you need more help. I remember how frustrating the sleeper was when I was learning it. Sorry the video was a bit glitchy