Sleepers are never straight

Hello, I’ve been throwing for a while and there’s one thing that is really hard to deal with. I cannot throw a sleeper straight at all. They are never straight or capable of long spins. I have been getting annoyed this ever since I started to actually get somewhere but this has been holding me back.

What can I do about it?

Keep in mind the position of your hand relative to the floor when you release :smiley:

Yes, it all comes down to practice. And remember, when practicing to get a nice straight throw, don’t always start out by trying to throw your hardest. Start off with subtle strength in throwing the sleeper. Practice at that pace getting g your throws straight and to stay on straight plane.

Once you’ve perfected your throw at that strength, then slowly do harder and harder throws, but still making sure to use the same technique from the beginning. Try this and let me know if this helps. Please keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Did the sleeper come out of the closet?

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Actually you don’t need to be able to throw completely straight, barely is more than enough. It is common to control the yoyo tilt when doing tricks, because even if the throw is completely straight, if you don’t do your tricks properly it will start tilting anyway.

As for long sleeper, you can pinch the string near the yoyo and twist/untwist, this will change the yoyo tilting direction. This is an effect called “gyroscopic precession” where basically your spinning yoyo will move “after” 90 degrees of the induced force. So if your yoyo spins forward and you twist your string clockwise, the yoyo will not turn clockwise, but instead moves offset 90 degrees after the twist, which is tilting to the left… etc (best way to understand is to actually try this), it’s basically always 90 degrees after.

However, since you can’t use the twisting method while doing tricks, you can rub the string slightly when the yoyo is spinning, depending on where the string rubs the yoyo, it will change direction/tilt. Once you’ve been yoyoing for a while it will become second nature… Controlling the yoyo tilt while doing tricks is not as difficult as it seems… keep practicing and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Good question.

Now . . . advice. Practice in the kitchen. Use the lines of tiles as a guide to line things up. This works well for trapeze and 2x or nothing etc.

Playing in the kitchen…
Dosent seem like the greatest idea for a begginer considering the dings and fragile items…
But the line idea is gud

He’s not a beginner. Do you want to be a good YoYo player, or have ding free Yo Yos?

I had a lot of trouble throwing straight with my breakaway until I got advice from a friend. He told me to practice against a wall. That really forces you to throw straight and worked like a charm for me getting down trapeze and double or nothing.

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This is how I learned back in the day. When facing the wall you can see your hands in relation to the wall and position them at the same distance. Makes alignment so much easier until the muscle memory kicks in.
Also try to throw not so hard. People get hung up on a hard throw thinking that the power will help sleep time. Early on, technique is more important that power. Once the technique is learned the power will come naturally.