About the sleeper

Hey, I know this is kinda stupid, but I can’t constantly throw good sleepers, I can throw them, they stay about 30 sec or less, but I can’t throw normal ones when I want to. I try to get the feel for it, but can’t get it. Could anybody tell me what should I try to do? (Unfortunately I yo-yo by myself, so noone can help me ;( )

i feel ya wen i started a year ago i didnt have anyone to throw with and i still dont. But to fix it try to focus on throwing straight and make sure ur wrist s flicking a lot its more in ur wrist then ur arm. And wat yoyo do u have

Northstar is the yoyo I have

weell than tht advice i gave u should help

The Sleeper is the hardest trick to perfect. You just have to keep going at it, keep practicing.

i have problem with sleeper
why when i perform sleeper the yoyo
always not straight…
it a little bit lean to right or left…
the yoyo always unstable
and it would make yoyo stop faster…
am i mistakan whe i throw the yoyo
or theres a problem in my yoyo
my yoyo is velocity ver 3
pleas someone help me…

Did u put the string right? Not tie a knot on the bearing?

string on bearing?
that mean string that wrap the bearing?
i use single wrap
or string on my fringer??
please correct me if i’m wrong…
i’m still learning on yoyo…

please help me…
what i;m supossed to do…

Most of the sleep time I get comes down to how well I flick the wrist. You just got to work on getting that flick. Also when your starting out. Don’t try to see how long you can get the yoyo to just sleep. Do tricks. Otherwise the yoyo will turn on it’s side, and you’ll be frustrated as it just does that. If you get to that point that you just want to brag about having a big ole sleep time then you just gotta throw your hardest sleeper then pinch the string about an inch or two above the yoyo. Then lightly twist the string (AS NEEDED) to counter the torque motion of the yoyo. I think there’s a gob of youtube videos of people showing off 4-6 minute spins. Just watch what they do and you can get the idea. Then practice. A LOT.

thanks for the help…
i’ll try lookin gon youtube and learn :smiley:

something i usually do is hold the yoyo at the very tip of my fingers. don’t know when i started doing that or how i got into that, but it helps a lot. some yoyoers will probably palm the whole thing, but i pretty much flick it down with my fingers

well there isn’t any rule that say “you must hold your yoyo in your palm”. It is just where do you like to put it

Keep your palm facing up till the yoyo is all the way at the bottom of the string.
Adjust the tilt of your palm in the opposit direction as the yoyo tilts when you throw it.
Once you have it down well work on flipping your hand right after the yoyo comes out, of it.
Thats about it. If you are doing these things then just practice.

According to Duncans “How to be a Player” the proper spot to put the string on your finger is between the the first and second knuckle. So for me I end up with the yoyo being held entirely by my finger. It may touch the the palm, but the palm doesn’t do much. Sounds like your form is pretty decent.