Hello (yoyo) World

Hi there guys,

This is my proper intro to the fourms, so yeah, HI! I’ve been yoyoing for around two months and own the YYJ Kickside and YYJ Atmospere

Quick question though, can I have some tipson getting a hard stable sleeper please. :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

The yoyo is just an object during a sleeper, it’s your hand, arm and wrist that does the work. You are throwing the yoyo, and that’s what’s giving long sleepers, your throw. The harder, stronger and straighter your throw is, the longer your sleepers will be. You will eventually get a stronger throw, just keep on practicing.

Welcome dude!

You’ve really come to the right place. This is the most helpful yoyo forum on the planet, I’d say, and we’re glad to have you!

Anyway, your question: It really comes down to logic. First, throw harder. That makes the yoyo spin faster. Second, you want your throw to be straight. If your throw is crooked, then the string rubs against the side of the yoyo, causing friction and slowing down the spin. Some more tips on sleepers and other tricks can be found here. Good luck!

Hey! Welcome to the site! I think you will like it here a lot, it is definitely a great forum. Just make a post, and you will get all the help you need! :smiley:

make sure you flick your wrist hard and try to get string centerd in gap of the yoyo

I just wanna add that we are the friendliest, too! Welcome aboard!


To get a stable throw, don’t try throwing sideways, if you like that way, try getting a KonKave bearing found here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/60/KonKave-Bearing

Hey man, welcome to the site. You are gonna find yourself sucked into this whole world before you know it. As far as your question goes, Basically everyone is right. You can check out the konkave bearings, they definitely help the string stay centered and that’s basically your best ally for a strong sleeper: balance. You don’t even need to really launch the yoyo to get it to sleep long, as long as the throw is solid and the yoyo and string are balanced. I would advise staying with a flat bearing though, you will get a better throw because its harder to throw a straight sleeper with a straight bearing so you’ll get more practice.

Another thing I wanted to add: don’t be afraid to blow a little money on a yoyo. I’m not saying that the same tricks can’t be done on plastics that can be done on metals, because a good enough yoyoer can do anything with anything. But buying a nice yoyo was what really helped my game. It might have been harder at first, but I didn’t improve more than what the yoyo was cabable of for a while. I still haven’t, really. But you will see what I mean if you drop a nice shiny penny on something sweet. I mean, that’s probably one of the best feeling’s you get from yoyoing, is waiting on your front steps for that package to come. There is nothing like taking a sweet yoyo out of the box and taking her for a spin. Anyways, glad to have you aboard. Hope you enjoy the show.

All I can add here is a firm welcome!

;D Happy welcoming ;D, you will find your path to YOYO success here at the one and only YOYOEXPERT FORUMS. You will learn and interact with lots of yoyo players from around the world.
Happy throwing!!! :smiley:



KK’s are like training wheels IMO. If you just keep at it you will be fine.

WOW! Thanks for the welcome guys! :slight_smile: One thing I have noticed when trying to grind that the yoyo rather then just going straight off it goes back the way it came if you get me ??? Why is this happening and it normal or am I just worring too much :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again guys :wink:

You have to sort of tilt your arm. Your elbow should be lower than your hand, so the yoyo can sort of roll down, like a hill.