How to get a better sleeper?

One of the things that affects your sleeper is the position your arm is when you throw. If your arm is crooked to one side then the yo-yo is also going to be crooked. Make sure your forearm is parallel the ground when throwing. But the only real fix is to practice your throw over and over, see what your doing wrong and correct it.

a trick i do is hold the yoyo at the tip of my fingers and it gives you a good throw. you are using the tip of your fingers to just “flick” the yoyo down. and yes your forearm is also key

You can get a pretty strong throw if you flick your wrist at the end of the motion. Just remember, work on throwing it strait, and smoothly first, then try throwing harder.

What kind of yo-yo are you using? if your using a duncan butterfly you will have trouble with sleepers

Ok so it doesnt matter if your left or right handed.just throw a not to hard not to weak throw and youll get it right somthimes when you do it very hard hard it will tangle up and strike back at you ver hard!