Learn The Sleeper

I know when we first get our yo-yo’s we feel good about ourselves. But honestly, if you’re trying to learn new tricks, it’s just not going to cut it. So, if you want to get a good throw and ultimately a good sleeper. What you need to do is learn how to throw the yo-yo the right way. But before you can learn how to throw the yo-yo the right way, you need to learn how to hold it properly in your hand. So, when you have your palm up, the string on the yo-yo should always be on the top.

That allows it so if you throw your yo-yo the right way it will roll on your hand real nicely. If you have the yo-yo on your hand backwards, and the string is going underneath and you try to throw it alot of the time it will come out crocked especially when you’re first learning how to throw. And when it starts to get crocked it’s going to start spinning out on the bottom string. And you’ll saying something like “Why is it always doing that?” it’s probably because you’re holding the yo-yo upside down.

So once you got it held properly in your hand make a muscle and then just extend your arm and you’re going to let the yo-yo roll off the front of your hand. As soon as it hits the bottom you want to turn your hand over to catch it, and it’s as simple as that. Now, if you want to get a little more power out of your throw what you want to do especially if you want your yo-yo to sleep is you can lift up your elbow then drop your elbow, that gives it alot more strength and a lot more power to put more spin on it.

So, one of the problems you’re gonna experience is throwing the yo-yo harder especially if you’re trying to make it sleep. The harder you throw it, the more that the yo-yo is going to bounce when it hits the bottom of the string and this is going to cause more problems because if it bounces that will put more slack on the strings and that’ll make the yo-yo come back as apposed to the sleeping which is what you want.

So when you throw it you’ll notice that your hand goes up and down just a little bit just so the yoyo is about to hit the bottom of the string and what I’m doing there is couching in the yoyo so that it doesn’t bounce when it hits the bottom. And when you couchin it takes a little bit of practice so it’s not too hard. When you couch in it just right then it doesn’t bounce when it hits the bottom of the string.

You won’t get that slack and will spin as long as you can depending on how long you throw the yo-yo. While you’re working on it the throw is the foundation to almost all of your tricks. The better you can throw the yo-yo easier. It’s going to be easier to do everything else.

This is in the wrong section, this needs to go into tricks/tutorials. But honestly man, you pretty much just restated everything in the yotricks tutorial for sleepers. I remember this from when I watched it a couple years back learning how to throw. Plus I guarantee almost everyone active on these forums knows how to do this.