Velocity Sleep Time


Can’t believe you guys actually time your sleeps haha. I wouldn’t be able to hold a yoyo watching just spin there while I time it…
As long as the yoyo lasts long enough for combos, I’m good.

@‘ratfacedudeguy’, Did the FH2 end up having a nasty wobble after that incident? Lol


lol I actually haven’t put it back together since then because I don’t have any pads for it. I was going to try and silicone recess it but I don’t have the proper tools to do it… Actually, wait I lied. I did put it back together and play it responseless just for lols. It actually surprisingly wasn’t much worse than it was before if at all.

And for your other point, I too have never had the patience to time sleepers. Waaaaay too boring when that’s time I could be spending actually yoyoing lol.


Ehh… Stopwatch ain’t necissary, I just know about how long each trick I do takes… So when the combo is over, I have a rough estimate


Sleep time is a measure to judge your equiptment and throw. If you are happy with just one combo then ok, your good.

(YoYo_Freak) #25

So does cleaning a bearing supposed to make it spin longer? I just cleaned one because I failed at putting the lube on right. Nothing happened. Exact same spin time.


Here is what lube does… It slows the bearing down… Thin lube slows it less than thick… But the advantage is it keeps it running smooth so that it lasts longer… Personally I choose to run dry… And I keep them well cleaned with dish soap and a tooth brush


…uh… I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re supposed to do…


most stainless steel is good enough for use with dish soap and water… but i’m not sure if he is just using a different metal bearing


Stainless Steel can still rust.
I wouldn’t recommend cleaning a bearing with dishsoap and water, get mineral spirits or paint thinner. It can be had at a hardware store for a few bucks.


to lube a bearing put a drop on a niddle point then touch a ball in the bearing make sure the shields are off