Yoyo sleep time

Hi, I have shutter wide angle new yoyo. Got it 2 weeks ago. Today I was just normally throwing it and after one throw it turned really loud so I checked bearing but it was looking just fine and everything else too. Later the sound seemed gone but the yoyo feels slower and weaker no matter how hard I throw it. My max bind time after throwing is like 40 seconds and so yoyo max sleeping time about 1:40 minutes, but I could do like 2:30. Yoyo also slowdowns really fast. I don’t know what to do so anyone can help? Thanks

Sounds like your bearing needs some cleaning. YYE has an entire section on bearings. Check this thread out. Useful modification & maintenance guides – clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos - Yo-Yo Mods and Maintenance - YoYoExpert Forums

Okay, thank you. I just wonder how is it dirt if it’s new.

Dirt can get into bearings. It could be a piece of hair, human or pets, dust, even string fuzz. Who knows, it just happens. Besides cleaning your bearing is a skill you will need to learn sooner or later, make it sooner!

Actually, I got my Shutter to sleep for 7 hours.

I went to bed at 2am last night.

I put the Shutter under my pillow.

I woke up at exactly 9am.

It had not moved one inch from where I put it.

I would conclude it slept exactly the same amount of time as me…… 7 hours. :flushed:


That’s the only reasonable way to measure yoyo sleep time!


Alright thanks. I tried to take bearing out with multitool but I can’t move it at all. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong tho.

Stick it in the freezer for 25 minutes. It’ll usually loosen it up.

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You can also use pliers but do be very careful with them.

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