Yoyo Problems

I recently have been having problems with 2 of my yoyos, my Duncan Speed Beetle and my F.A.S.T 201.

The problem is that they can’t sleep anymore. They travel down the string and immediately come back up.

The reason for concern is that I am ordering a new yoyo and do not want the new yoyo to become like the previous ones.

Plus, the Duncan Speed Beetle couldn’t sleep after about 30 minutes of playing with it. In that 30 minutes of playing with it, I made it sleep perfectly fine.

The Fast 201 was working fine yesterday. Today, after playing with it for an hour, it just couldn’t sleep.

It seems like the bearing doesn’t spin anymore on both of the yoyos.


Your bearings might be shot.

How long have you had them?

or it has a knot

but like gm user said their probably dead

Only 30 Minutes of play with a BRAND NEW yoyo, shouldn’t kill the bearing should it?

points to the String

Yeah, I think it may be the string. I ordered some new string. I’ll keep you guys up to date.

You said you ordered a new yo-yo. Which one? If your current yo-yo’s have a bunch of knots in them, it’s probably the string. Loosen your Fast 201, that should help I think. Check your throw.

My FAST 201 won’t sleep even if its super loose. I’ve set it so its about to fall apart, and it still won’t sleep.

The new yoyo is the legacy.

are you sure you do not have a knot? can you see the bearing in the gap of the yoyo?
i dont see any reason that it would do that after only 30 minutes of play.
open up the yoyo and take the string off and just try to spin the bearing. if i just wont spin then you probably have a bad bearing.

it spins, but not eeven one complete circle. Should I try adding thin lube to it?

It come thick lubed, so it will take breaking in.

Play with it for a while.

I can’t really play with it for a while if it can’t sleep.

You can still throw it. If you want to add a drop of thin lube it shouldn’t hurt anything.


  • Clean the bearing
  • Take it apart, put it back together
  • Send it back, or try and fix it yourself
  • Check the axle, mabye it is affecting it’s spin
  • Make sure the yoyo itself it put together properly
  • Buy a new bearing for both
  • Check if a ball is cracked/broken

I think that one of the balls won’t move because it is broken or cracked, causing the piece to fall in between all the others.

you are problably rolling the yoyo up wrong http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/003-basic-yo-yo-string.html