I need help! - yoyo doesn't sleep good

Hi. I’m roughly new to yo-yoing, I haven’t done it in about 7 years but back then i just done it for the sake of doing it, i didn’t do any tricks or that just your simple up, down, up, down. However, I just bought a Yomega Lightbeam and when I first took it out of the packaging I threw it and it worked fine. It would sleep for a long time but then 10 minutes later when I started to throw a sleeper it would sleep for about 3 seconds max and then it slows to a halt. I’ve tried lubing the bearing and changing the string but nothing is helping, maybe I’ve put the bearing back on wrong or something I’m not sure. Could someone please help me ??? ?

Probably lubing the bearing was what you did wrong.

Clean your bearing, barely lube with a needle to drop a tiny bit on a ball, and then go back to it.

See if you have a knot in the gap.

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Yep, your bearing is probably gunked up.

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thanks a lot! this has helped a bunch, still not working as good as it first was but it’s getting there ;D

You might have put the spacers in backwards