Quick question related to yoyo response

I was just wondering if anyone knows what the exact issue is when your yoyo sleeps more than you want it to ( in looping ) and for example when you throw it down for a normal sleeper, if you pull it up only a little bit it will make a noise but not return unless you pull it up stronger ( I think the noise is the string touching the starburst response? not sure ) Also when you throw it down it really clunks down at the bottom of the string.

Does this just mean I need new string? When I replace the string it does seem to make it better for a while before it starts happening. The only interesting thing is it only happens to one of my 2 looping yo-yos, so if it was just string getting old you would think it would happen to both.

Could this mean one of my yo-yos is slightly damaged, or perhaps an issue with an axle, or maybe the starburst response? I imagine it can’t be the bearing as a bad bearing would make it return more often right ? Maybe it is just the string?

I’m using the Duncan Hornet.

could it be the bearing needs some thick lube? Lube makes the bearings more responsive, so, adding a little bit of lube could solve the issue.

Of course, I could unintentionally be leading you away from another issue, but, if it were me, I would try the easy fix first (lube).

Yes, primarily it needs to be lubed (heavily). A new string also tends to improve things but not as much as lube. Be sure to remove the bearing shields to lube it.