[Solved] My yoyo automatically comes back and doesn't sleep

(Alvin Raul) #1

Ok, today I got my new yoyo, the Fast201. I had lots of fun, and I could make SO MANY cool tricks with this new one (I had a brain-style one before). But now after 5 hours of playing, my yoyo won’t sleep anymore. I throw it, and it comes right back up. I remember testing my yoyo minimum response time right when I got it, it was about 5 seconds. But now it’s like I have a brain-style yoyo, it won’t sleep. Comes right back up. What can I do?


Take off the string. Maybe you have it wrapped around the axle.
Change the response by unscrewing it a little.

How is the bearing? Spins freely?

(Alvin Raul) #3

Ok, I think I found the problem. My string fell last time, I put it back, it worked fine. Now I can’t take it off anymore.

(Sorry for bad quallity)

It is wraped in the spacers.

(Alvin Raul) #4

Nevermind, I managed to take it off. Is the string supposed to stay between the spacers, or just sit there on the bearing?

Edit: I put it on the bearing and it works fine again, I just wanna make sure I put it right so the string doesn’t break.


Put the yoyo together first, then get your string.

(Alvin Raul) #6

Thank you! It’s fixed. My string was sitting between a spacer and the bearing. Just take it out. Put the yoyo back together, and put the string back like in @stevejspins answer. (0:44)