Screwed up Dark Magic II/Overclean a yoyo? (Merged)

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I cleaned my Dark Magic II bearing using mineral spirits and a needle sized drop of thin lube. After this my spin time decreased immensely. Now the yoyo will not even last 30 seconds. Is there any way to fix this? Im worried if i try to clean this again I will only make it worse.


When you lube a bearing, it’s spin time will initially decrease substantially, but will break in over a period of time to become very long-spinning and quiet.

Try simply playing with your Dark Magic II for a few hours to work the lubricant into the bearing. Once that happens, you’ll have a fantastically quiet bearing that will spin true and smooth.


As noted above, play it. Otherwise if you can’t wait, clean it again and skip the lube. Or lube sparingly.


If you didn’t do so, you should also make sure the bearing is nice and dry after the Mineral Spirits cleaning. They take up to 15 minutes to evaporate. Once you’re done cleaning, flick it a few times on a chopstick (or whatever you use) to spray out the excess (obviously, be in an area it’s OK to flick Mineral Spirits everywhere!) and then let it sit to dry. Then flick it some more when you are about to lube it; I don’t know why, but I find it “loosens up” a bit more… maybe there’s some sort of residue or something; I don’t know. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

Then the pin drop of lube.

And of course, as already mentioned, you’re going to have to work it in.

Note also that no lubricated bearing will ever spin as long as a dry bearing. That’s just the nature of the beast. To me it’s a totally worthwhile trade-off for the quieter and smoother performance of a lubed bearing, but your mileage may vary. A great many people absolutely swear by dry bearings.

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Thank you so much for all the feedback. Ill definitely go and work it in now. Also are dry bearings extremely noisy? If not i think i’ll give it a try.


Your mileage may vary! You lose absolutely nothing by trying it dry before adding your pin-drop of lube!

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Also, after the lubing it has become more responsive. Why is this so? While i was grinding it came up and crushed my hand. This is the main reason why i stopped playing it. Why did this happen???


Lubing will always make a bearing slower and have its spin die more quickly. Even in small amounts, it’s a substance that the bearings have to “push” through as they spin.

It’s very common for bearings to be responsive for a while after lubing. As long as you haven’t over-lubed, it shouldn’t take too long for the lube to spread out more thoroughly (ie. thinner layer all around the bearing) and for the viscosity of the lube to break down a little. When this happens, it has “broken in” and should play unresponsive again.

Even when I’ve over-lubed, if I like the way the yoyo is playing in general, I will sometimes fight through it rather than cleaning again. Can take a couple hours of play to fight through that kind of lube job. :wink:

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Ok thank you sooooo much. As a rookie i am ignorant of all these things :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody came to a hobby knowing everything (or anything, usually!) about it. :wink:


Just buy a new bearing


Na, that’s a waste of money. When you can easily fix it.

And YYJ bearings are good quality.


I have a yyj bearing in one of my throws and I like it okay. Yours should be fine. Just do what has already been mentioned.


Bah, the internet totally ate a response! The short version was:

Cleaning is usually enough. But sometimes bearings ARE bad, either from the factory or from galling or other physical damage.

If you’re sure you did an amazing job of cleaning it, and it’s still cruddy, replacing it IS a valid option.


Whatever u do make sure the bearing is totally dry of mineral spirits before lubing. It’s important that you do this.


Just clean it again(I use acetone), spin it on a pencil and skip the lube.


I agree that most bearings should be inspected and cleaned before being written off as bad.

I don’t like the regular YYJ C bearings. The YYJ C bearing, I like a lot. The DM2 comes with a SPEED bearing.


You like the speed bearing better? Correct?



(I’ve had this terrible pain in my neck since the day after BAC. It’s affecting too much stuff)

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I cleaned it with mineral spirits and a needle sized drop of thin lube and with my strongest throw i could get it to last a 1 min 30 sec. But after a while the spin time got worse so i cleaned it again instead using acetone and a needle sized drop of thin lube. I can barely get over a minute, maybe 1 min 3/4/5 sec. And during tricks it dies faster. Is there a way to lengthen the spin time even more?