Yomega maverick sleep time during tricks

Hey guys,

Im just getting back into throwing after about 10 years, so i Picked up a Yomega Maverick. I Played it stock for about a week to get the hang of it, and now I have cleaned and oiled the bearing. Wow totally different animal!

Im just running the stock bearing (C bearing) And im finding my sleep times even with hard throws, just trying to get through a 3 flip brain scrambler then binding, the spin is almost dead! I’m staying as in line with my string as possible. Is it The bearing being poor quality, or is it just my technique still?


re clean the bearing and don’t lube it, also you have to deshield the bearing to clean it well. it’s something we all do.

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so you run it dry with no shields? that sounds easy enough, easy to clean then too.

Thanks for the tip!!

That’s right, you have to reclean it with Mineral Spirits and another good suggestion that is always subtle, Canned Air from the Electronics store or Walmart. Soak the Bearing in Mineral Spirits and then give it a thorough cleaning with some Canned Air. That is the best method, it will be a completely different Yo-Yo.

Beyond that, consider upgrading to a Dif-E-Yo Konkave or a YYF CenterTrac-X bearing. Then, upgrading to a better and full-size Aluminum Throw when you reach the peak of your Maverick Skills.

yessir youre going to laugh when you see how long it spins.

mmmmhmmm…to nolang, you listen. Achieve 3 minute spins with stock cleaned bearing and upto 7 minutes with a Dif-E-Yo in a Maverick, you can. Clean them you must, save you money…it will.

WOW!!! thats unreal!!! I just did it! holy crap i feel like i can front flip for ever!!!, also it made learning barrel rolls a lot easier, i can do 2 repeats( Super sloppy tho) and still more than enough spin left to front bind…

Thanks guys!

I have a shutter coming, is that a full size yo? if not what do you recommend in the 40-60 range?

That is above and beyond the call of duty, unless you are a “Pro”…like me. :smiley:

the shutter is full sized, and capable of just about anything. you may find that you prefer other shapes or brands later, but being that the world champ used one to win, its hard to find excuses for not being able to do this or that trick. its the honda civic of yoyos.

if you are looking for a 40-60 dollar recommendation i would say any of the onedrop benchmark yoyos are unbeatable. they are made in the usa from quality aluminum and feature the replaceable side effect axle system which basically guarantees you will be able to use your yoyo forever. most other yoyos have the axle threads built in so if it strips youre SOL.

Throw a KK bearing in it :wink:
Generally don’t expect to get sleep times with a maverick much over 1 minute

Okay…, and you can confirm with your own experience that Sleep Times with a Maverick don’t normally exceed 1 minute? What have you tried yourself, do you even like the Maverick at all? I’m getting close to 4 minutes with a Dry Stock Bearing on ONE of my Ooch’s, ya know.

A Maverick with a KK in it was my first unresponsive! A lot of people bash on it, but it’s really not that bad. A little unstable (tends to tilt a bit) but overall it’s not bad. And mine sleeps for a very long time, definitely more than a minute. I don’t have any trouble doing any trick I can do on another yoyo on my maverick, I still use it occasionally

And you also said you can get spins 7 min with a dif.
The maverick was my first unresponsive too.
If you show me 7 min sleep time I will show you $100

Hmmm…, Like for real…For real. Or you just playin?

Altho if you showed me a video of you supposedly doing this I would never believe it was real…
So also, No

AHHHH MAN… yur b’n out!! Your breakin my balls, here. How about this: I’ll meet you half way @ $50 and to prove it is real, I’ll use a brand new UNOPENED NSK to do it with. Uninstall the stock bearing in the video open the NSK and reassemble the Yo-Yo.

I’ll guarantee you it will sleep up to 10 minutes with your $50 non-refundable wager on the line. ;D

…no one is going to do that, you know that right?
First of all, non refundable wager on the line is well, you could end your sentence after the word minutes. second, you basically saying “Watch me do this for 100 bucks. Watch me fail for 50.” XP

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I see your favorite yoyo is a butterfly XT, I assume your going to tell me you get 15 minute sleep times with it?

I believe in you yoyo pro, post up a video.

$50?? :slight_smile: